Scrotoplasty (Sack lift)

As males age, the skin of the scrotum stretches. The Scrotum is the sack that holds the male testicles. If the scrotum stretches enough it can be uncomfortable and it can be unattractive.

Scrotoplasty in Nevada, which is also known as a “sack lift,” is the procedure where the excess skin from the scrotum is excised and the testicular sack is tightened. This is a fairly quick procedure with a fairly quick recovery. It can be done under purely local anesthesia with the patient wide awake or under I.V. Sedation.

The skin is excised and the scar that forms from the excision lies in the natural crease that exists on the scrotum so that typically it is hard or impossible to see that surgery has been done. The procedure takes only about 45 minutes to perform and the patient can typically return to work in two or three days.

The procedure is fairly safe and Dr. Smith or his staff will discuss the risks with you.

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