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The medical term for a breast lift or breast uplift surgery is Mastopexy. As women age, the ligaments that hold up the breast begin to stretch and the breast sags. Also, changes such as pregnancy or large amounts of weight loss can lead to drooping breasts. Medically the breasts are not considered to be dropping unless the position of the nipple is at or below the level of the inframammary fold. The inframammary fold is the crease under the breast. The medical term for drooping is called “ptosis”, which is why drooping breasts are called ptosis breasts.

There are different degrees of severity for drooping breasts (ptosis). The mildest form of breast ptosis is when the nipple just drops below the inframammary fold. The most severe form of breast ptosis is when the nipple and areola are pointing toward the floor and are at the lowest part of the breasts. There are many techniques for lifting the breasts and the type of breast lift used depends on the amount of breast ptosis. Obviously, the more severe the droop the more extensive the breast surgery must be to correct the problem.

Breast Lift

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

The best candidates to go through breast lift surgery are non-smokers who have maintained a healthy weight and have one or more of the following issues:

  • Nipples pointing downward or are below the normal area of the breast
  • Breasts that are flat or sagging (ptotic)
  • Loose skin, stretch marks, and volume loss
  • Asymmetry, enlarged areola, or tubular shapred or pointy shaped breasts
  • Removal or downsize of existing implants

If you think you have an issue that is not listed above and it makes you a good candidate, please contact us for a consultation.


Breast Lift With Implants in Nevada

Sometimes a breast lift is combined with breast implants, as this helps fill the breast when it has a deflated appearance and increases the overall volume of the breast. In general, if a patient just wants just to have her breasts lifted we do the surgery without implants. Breast implants are needed in conjunction with the  procedure when the patient wants her breasts to be lifted and fuller. When breast implants are not used, the breasts become smaller because the breast tissue is tightened making the breasts smaller. If a patient wants the breasts to be the same size as they were prior to the surgery or larger, as lifted, then Dr. Smith performs a mastopexy with breast implants.* The medical term for this procedure is Augmentation Mastopexy.

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The Benefits Of A Breast Lift in Las Vegas

When Dr. Smith performs a breast lift with implants in Las Vegas the patient benefits from the improvement of the breast position and the shape of the breast.* Following the procedure the breast should be in a more pleasing, uplifted and youthful position.* The shape of the breast should also be improved after surgery.* The breasts should be more firm and round.* Also, if the areolas are large, they can be reduced at the time of the surgery. With surgery, it is very important for the patient to have realistic expectations. The goal is an improvement in the shape and position of the breasts, they will never be perfect and most likely the breasts will never look as good as a young woman who comes in for a routine breast lift and augmentation.*

Will the Breasts Look More Youthful After Breast Lift Surgery?

The best breast lift can make the breasts more youthful looking.* Youthful breasts are high round and firm with a conical or slightly sloping shape. The nipples should be near the center of the breast with about 50% to 60% of the breast mass under the nipple and 50% to 40% of the breast mass above the nipple. Even in a young woman, if the breasts are sagging they appear old and it makes that woman’s overall figure appear old. Conversely, even an older woman, if the breasts are high, well-shaped and firm, it makes her entire figure appear younger and sexier.*

Can You Combine Breast Implants With Other Surgeries Such As A Mastopexy?

Combining breast augmentation and mastopexy is called an Augmentation-Mastopexy and is primarily performed by Dr. Smith when a patient desires an increase in breast volume or size, as well as more uplifted breasts. Another reason to combine breast augmentation and breast lift surgery is to give the breasts a more round appearance. Breast implants are needed when patients desire very round shaped or even “fake looking” breasts.* This process seems to be common in the Las Vegas area, with more patients requesting breast implants with their breast lifts.

Can A Breast Lift Help Make Uneven Breasts More Symmetrical?

Yes, a mastopexy in Las Vegas by Smith Plastic Surgery Institute can make uneven breasts more symmetrical.* When the breasts have a large difference in size, shape, nipple position or droop, some form of mastopexy or mastopexy augmentation will be needed.*

When there is a large difference in the size, almost always a breast implant will be needed to help make the breasts more even.* For example, if one breast is small and not ptosis and the other breast is larger and ptosis, Dr. Smith may need to place a breast implant in the smaller breast and lift and reduce the size of the opposite breast to get them to match. The breasts will never look exactly alike, but they should be more similar.*

What If My Areola Is Too Large, Uneven, Or Elliptical-Shaped?

The areola is the colored part of the skin around the nipples. They are frequently too large or abnormally shaped, especially in drooping breasts. As part of the breast lift, we frequently reshape the areola. We can make the areola smaller and rounder.*

Can I Continue Breast Feeding After Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast LiftFollowing most types of breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries, the majority of patients will still be able to continue breastfeeding. However, there is an increased chance of not being able to breast-feed after surgery.  For patients who are concerned about the ability to breastfeed you may want to postpone surgery until after your last pregnancy.

What if my nipples are at different heights?

As part of the mastopexy procedure, we attempt to make both nipples the same level and both breasts the same shape. Truthfully the nipples and breast shapes can never exactly alike, just as in nature no two snowflakes are exactly alike. However, the shapes and position of the nipples should be similar.*


Are There Various Types Of Breast Lift Procedures?

There are many techniques used to lift the breasts and Dr. Smith discusses the various options with you during your consultation. Since all breasts are different, each surgery is individually tailored to the patient by Dr. Smith. 

The most common technique used by Dr. Smith is the Vertical Mastopexy, also known as the “lollipop mastopexy”. The advantage of this type of breast lift is that produces a very good breast shape, resulting in a nice high breast lift that is long lasting.* The disadvantage is that there is a scar created around the nipple and straight down the breast like a lollipop shape, hence the nickname “lollipop breast lift surgery.”*

Smith Plastic Surgery Insitute typically performs surgeries under general anesthesia. Dr. Smith will mark a keyhole type pattern on the skin prior to surgery. The top of the keyhole will be the new, higher position of the nipple. Dr. Smith removes the skin around the nipple and below the nipple in this keyhole type pattern. Dr. Smith makes sure that during the procedure the nipple is not detached from the underlying breast and remains on the breast mound.

Is Breast Lift Painful?

The surgery is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia so no pain will be felt.  Just like any other surgical procedure, once the anesthesia wears off, patients may experience soreness.  For this specific procedure, tenderness may be felt.  Prescription or over-the counter medication may be recommended to alleviate any pain.

What Is the Surgical Process?

When Dr. Smith is placing a breast implant, he will do so through an incision in the lower part of the keyhole and the breast implant is placed exactly like a breast augmentation. Dr. Smith almost always places the breast implant under the muscle (submuscular breast augmentation.)

If Dr. Smith is not placing a breast implant, he will take some of the breast tissue and fold it underneath placing it in a new higher position. This gives fullness to the upper part of the breast. Dr. Smith will also place sutures to in the breast tissue itself to pull the breast together to make it more round and firm. At this point, Dr. Smith pulls the remaining breast skin together and closes it with sutures. This tightens the “breast envelope” and contributes to lifting the breasts. The final scar will be around the nipple and straight down the bottom half of the breast in a lollipop shape.*

How long is the recovery?

Recovery lasts 4 to 6 weeks.  Patients will go home after surgery and are advised to rest and sleep to allow their body to recover.  Prescription pain medicine may be needed to alleviate any pain that causes discomfort. A compression garment may be recommended to help ease pain as well as any discomfort.  A follow-up appointment should be done 5 to 7 days after surgery.  If the patient feels good, they can return to work but should avoid any strenuous activities.  Feelings of minor swelling, light bruising, and temporary sensation changes, as well as small scabs may occur during recovery.

Are There Scars After A Breast Lift Surgery?

During surgery, Dr. Smith typically removes a large amount of skin to lift the breast. This requires fairly long skin incisions, usually around the nipple and straight down the breast. Sometimes Dr. Smith will be able to use a smaller incision as each patient is different. However, it is not possible to lift the breast without any incisions or scars. If a patient is unwilling to accept scars on the breast she should not have mastopexy. Fortunately, scars fade for 2 to 3 years and can often become nearly invisible and difficult to see.*

Why Choose Dr. Lane Smith For Your Breast Lift Procedure?

Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Lane Smith holds 4 separate board-certifications in plastic surgery in Las Vegas and was voted “Top Plastic Surgeon Three Years in a Row as per the Las Vegas Review-Journal.”  He and his team will perform the breast lift surgery in Las Vegas that best fits the patients’ needs while leaving the fewest scars possible.*

Scheduling a Consultation at Smith Plastic Surgery Institute for a Breast Lift Evaluation

The best way to learn more about breast lift surgery or boob lift surgery with breast implants and what choices are best for you is to schedule an appointment with one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Las Vegas, Dr. Lane Smith. Dr. Smith, a board-certified surgeon, has numerous satisfied breast lift patients in Las Vegas, Henderson, Utah, and California and indeed from all over the world.

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