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Minor Nipple Lift – Crescent Lift
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What Is A Minor Nipple Lift?

When patients come into Smith Plastic Surgery Institute for their initial consultation, they frequently present with breasts of many different shapes and sizes. Often patients hope that simple breast augmentation will solve problems like shape differences or lift drooping breasts (ptotic breasts). Unfortunately, breast implants mainly make breasts larger and can only lift breasts about one inch. Breast implantation alone cannot correct breast deformities or asymmetries other than breast size differences, and they cannot lift severely drooping breasts.

Using breast implants of different sizes will correct breast size asymmetries: however, things like drooping breasts (ptotic breasts), tuberous (pointed) breasts, and uneven nipple position are not corrected by simple breast augmentation. Usually, something in addition to simple breast augmentation is needed to deal with these problems. Severely drooping breasts will require a full vertical mastopexy (see the sections on Mastopexy and Mastopexy Augmentation), which leaves a vertical scar on the breast. However, often patients need work performed that is more than just a simple breast augmentation but less than a full breast lift (full mastopexy).

The minor nipple lift Las Vegas, also called a crescent breast lift, has been around for some time. However, multiple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lane Smith has improved upon this concept and minor mastopexy technique. This mastopexy technique is a small or minor type of breast lift that can help give an additional lift to the breast or help with minor problems such as uneven nipples or other breast asymmetries. The minor nipple lift can also be helpful with corrective breast surgery or tuberous breasts.

What Are the Advantages With The Minor Nipple Lift Surgical Procedure?

There are several major advantages of the Minor Nipple lift surgery performed by Dr. Smith, including: 
  • Provides an intermediate step between a full vertical lift (vertical mastopexy) and no breast lift.   
  • The scar typically hides along the areola and is virtually invisible 
  • Shorter Surgical Time
  • Less Invasive Than A Mastopexy Procedure
  • Faster Recovery Time

Are There Any Disadvantages Associated With A Minor Nipple Lift Procedure?

The significant disadvantage of the Minor Nipple lift procedure is that it does not have the power to decrease the size of the areola, and it can only help lift the breast by about 1 to 2 inches. It is not a powerful enough breast lift for breasts that are extremely saggy (severe breast ptosis).

How Long Does The Minor Nipple Lift Procedure Take To Perform?

The minor nipple lift usually only takes about 15 minutes for each nipple or about 30 minutes for both. It is a relatively simple procedure that adds little pain or cost to routine breast surgery. It helps with uneven breasts, nipples, corrective breast surgery, or tuberous breasts. Breasts that are pointed (also called tuberous breasts or tuberous breast deformity) will continue to look pointed when only breast implants are placed. The minor nipple lift helps to lift the tuberous breasts, which are typically slightly droopy, and correct the pointed shape.  

Will Breast Implants Correct Uneven Breasts?

Breast implants alone will not correct uneven breasts, and Dr. Smith will assess the condition during the procedure. Breast implants will lift both breasts equally in most cases. Breasts at the start of the procedure will end up uneven unless an additional procedure, like the minor nipple lift, is used to correct their unevenness.  

The minor nipple life is a very safe procedure with few risks and requires slight recovery. IF Dr. Lane Smith feels this is the best procedure for you, Dr. Smith or his staff will review the risks and benefits of this procedure with you. 

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