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Many women are concerned about the appearance of their genital (vaginal) area. Labiaplasty surgery in Las Vegas is surgery to improve the appearance of the external female genitalia or labia. Although women frequently feel they are the only person with this problem, this is a very common surgery and a surgery with one of the highest satisfaction rates of any surgery that Dr. Smith and his team at Smith Plastic Surgery performs.*

The labia, also known as “vaginal lips,” “genital lips,” or just “lips,” can be a source of concern or possible embarrassment. The labia consist of two paired folds. The outer labia called the labia majora, are the larger labia and the ones that are associated with feminine beauty and youth. They should be full and nearly completely cover the inner, thinner labia, called the labia minora. There are many variations in appearance in this area, and nearly all of them are “normal.”

It is considered most aesthetically pleasing if the inner labia, labia minora, do not protrude past the outer labia; if they do, it should be minimal. However, sometimes they may protrude excessively. The labia can stretch after pregnancies, and with aging or hormonal changes, they may lengthen and interfere with exercise or impair sexual function. Also, patients complain that they may bulge in a swimsuit or gym clothes, which can embarrass them. When these protrude excessively, labiaplasty Nevada (or labia rejuvenation) is a simple procedure to correct them.

Patients sometimes mistakenly call vaginoplasty the procedure to trim the labia, but this is a different procedure used to tighten and rejuvenate the vagina.

Advantages Of Las Vegas Labiaplasty

There are several advantages of labia rejuvenation surgery. Many women gain confidence in their appearance when they are naked and in tight clothing or bathing suits. When the labia are large, they can rub during sex and/or obscure stimulation of the clitoris, making sex less pleasurable. The labia can also rub and cause discomfort during exercise. Nevada labiaplasty can help improve the sexual function of some patients.* The labia can also protrude in tight clothing or a bathing suit, causing embarrassment. Labiaplasty surgery will correct this bulging that occurs in tight clothing.

How Labiaplasty Surgery Is Performed

Labiaplasty Vegas can be done under general anesthesia, I.V. sedation, or wide awake under local anesthesia. The labia minora are carefully trimmed to a smaller size and closed with an absorbable suture. Labiaplasty (trimming the labia minora) takes about 20 minutes for each labia minora. Fortunately, of every surgery Dr. Smith performs, this surgery has the least visible scarring. Most often, the incisions cannot be seen three months after labiaplasty surgery.

What If My Labia Majora (Outer Lips) Are Thin And Not Attractive?

Usually, the outer labia, called the labia majora, are full and plump. As we age, they thin out. Sometimes they are just too thin, even in a young patient. The outer lips can be more full and attractive by using fat to fill the outer labia. This is a form of fat transfer. This is called labia rejuvenation surgery, fat transfer to the labia, or labia majora surgery.

What To Expect In Terms Of Pain, Recovery, And Healing Afer Labiaplasty Surgery

The pain after labia rejuvenation surgery is usually minimal and easily managed, and the recovery is quick. However, the labia tend to swell a lot and can look scary to patients initially. Resting and icing the area for the first 48 hours after Labiaplasty is essential. Most patients can return to work two days after labiaplasty if their work is not strenuous. Patients can usually return to exercise 3 weeks after labiaplasty surgery. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 5 to 6 weeks after labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty Before And After Pictures

Due to the sensitive nature and area in which labia rejuvenation Surgery is performed, Dr. Smith does not post before and after pictures labiaplasty pictures on his website. Before and after pictures of labiaplasty surgery are shown to patients in the privacy of their consultations at his office. For the patient’s comfort, these consultations are always done with a female member of his staff present.

Scheduling A Consultation For Labiaplasty With Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith, a board-certified plastic surgeon, performs labiaplasty surgery nearly every week and has hundreds of very satisfied patients. To schedule a consultation, call the office at 702-838-2455 or fill out the contact us form on this website.  You can also check out the other body plastic surgery procedures that he does.

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