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Minimal Incision Executive Face Lift

Las Vegas Minimal Incision Executive Face Lift

The importance of appearance is more important than ever in our fast-paced, competitive society today. Perhaps this explains why patients are asking for minimal-incision facial surgery at a younger and younger age.

Dr. Malcom Paul at Smith Plastic Surgery does minimally invasive facial surgery on people in the Las Vegas area to make their faces look as youthful as they feel. A brow lift or forehead lift may remove wrinkles, lift sagging brows, and lighten heavy eyelids to give you a younger, friendlier look. Whereas a necklift may tighten loose, sagging skin under the chin, a Nevada cheek lift or mid-facelift that can smooth out wrinkles and lift sagging cheeks. These operations can be carried out independently, in tandem with laser resurfacing, as a comprehensive facelift.

What is Minimal Incision Executive Face Lift? 

The Minimal Incision Executive Face Lift is a revolutionary new Las Vegas facelift technique taking the plastic surgery world by storm. This cutting-edge procedure involves making tiny incisions around the face in strategic locations, allowing the surgeon to carefully and meticulously lift and tighten the skin without causing any large or noticeable incisions.

After more than 35 years of performing face and neck lift procedures, this procedure has evolved. Men want to look younger and better, not different. This procedure can be performed under Monitored Sedation or under General Anesthesia. Limiting the incisions allows for nearly undetectable scars. Limiting the incisions to the natural creases in front of the ear and along the edge of the ear and a limited incision behind the ear allows for minimal visibility of the scars and rapid healing. There are no incisions in the temple hair nor in the scalp hair behind the ear. 

Using instruments designed to limit the need for extensive dissection of the soft tissues of the face and neck allows for less swelling, bruising and faster healing with short scars. Using these unique instruments, the deeper structures of the face and neck can be safely repositioned in a youthful location with minimal dissection and no tension on the skin, allowing the incisions to be nearly invisible after healing. The hairline is not distorted with the Executive Male Facelift.

Patients report that their friends and family cannot identify that surgery was performed, only that their family member or friend looks refreshed, younger, and not distorted. There are no unacceptable signs of surgery being performed, and the clock has been turned back an average of 10-15 years.

If you are considering a facelift in Las Vegas but are worried about potential downsides, such as a lengthy recovery time or visible scarring, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Minimal Incision Executive Face Lift. This groundbreaking new technique could be precisely what you’ve been looking for.

Which Minimal Face Lift is for me?

The doctor will review your surgical goals at the initial cosmetic appointment and describe the likely course of action. Additionally, our doctor may assist you in determining if a single operation or a series of surgeries will best achieve your cosmetic objectives. We could show you many before-and-after pictures of patients with comparable age-related changes to their face and neck, and we’ll go through therapy you can anticipate. You can document your findings by taking pictures before and after the area that will be treated.

Mini Facelift Las Vegas

The Minimal-Incision Face Lift Surgery procedures:

A brow lift may tighten sagging skin, remove extra forehead wrinkles, and fix droopy eyelids. It can take one to two hours to complete as outpatient treatment under local anesthetic with severe sedation or general anesthesia. To achieve the best results, a brow lift is commonly combined with lower and/or upper eyelid surgery. This is because a browlift can significantly minimize the frown lines between the eyes.

An effective way to get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin, or even a depressed appearance, mainly in the cheeks, is to get a mid-facelift. Complete outpatient treatment under local anesthetic with severe sedation or general anesthesia may take one to two hours. The minimal-incision mid-facelift is a vertical lift of the cheeks performed through a lower eyelid approach. The cheek is lifted to its’ more youthful location, and the lid/cheek junction is shortened as it appears in youth. The incision on face is made adjacent to the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, and the scar is nearly unnoticeable after healing. Mid-facelift surgery can be combined with brow lifting, upper eyelid surgery, or facial filler injections to obtain the best results.

neck lift is performed to lessen the look of drooping skin under the jawline drastically. It may take between one and one and a half hours to complete an outpatient operation under general anesthesia or even local anesthesia with monitored sedation. Sensation loss at its incision site is reduced with a neck lift with a small incision. The neck lift is frequently combined with a mid-facelift or a full facelift to get the best results.

The Differences Between a Mini and a Traditional Facelift

Although numerous facelifting methods exist, they may all be divided into two groups: the standard facelift and the small facelift.

Traditional facelifts need full-length skin incisions and a SMAS procedure, which makes them more involved. The cuts begin at the temples, go around the ear, and finish at the lower scalp. To remove extra fat, surgeons occasionally perform a second incision in the chin, where liposuction and a reduction in the visible vertical muscle bands can be performed.

Surgeons raise the skin during a typical facelift to access and adjust underlying tissues. Next, they gently remove any extra skin and fat, tightening the contours just enough to provide natural results. After that, sutures are used to close the incisions. The entire process could take up to 4 hours.

On the other hand, mini facelifts require less intervention, and these procedures require 50% less incisions and less tissue manipulation than complete facelifts. During a mini-facelift, an incision is performed within the lower row of hair of the sideburn, behind the ear, and in front of the ear. Typically, surgeons avoid using the SMAS procedure during such a minimal scar facelift, though this may change depending on how serious the patient’s issues are.

Minimal Incision Executive Face Lift Las Vegas

Who is a Good Candidate for a Minimal Incision Executive Face Lift?

The mini facelift has been developed to be a less invasive procedure for a particular patient population. The ideal patient for this surgery is typically:

  • Early to Late 40s or 50s
  • Has moderate to mild jowls
  • With minimal neck laxity

On top of that, you must be in generally good condition and have reasonable expectations if you wish to become a candidate for such a mini-facelift.

However, even if your neck and face sagging are more obvious, this surgery may still be an option for you. Because it requires less time to recover and fewer visits, several patients may prefer this less intrusive option. Dr. Smith and Dr. Paul at Smith Plastic Surgery can combine a small facelift with non-surgical procedures to give you the desired results with the least amount of recovery time.

What to Expect

A minimal face lift, despite its name, is nevertheless a serious treatment, and the process requires thorough planning and preparation. Even though recovery is typically simpler than a full facelift, it might take a few weeks. Here are some things to anticipate from this cosmetic treatment.


During the initial appointment, Dr. Smith or Dr. Paul will visit you to discuss your issues and determine whether you’re a good fit. You might need to receive a lab test to determine whether you’re healthy enough to have surgery. You will receive instructions from our staff on how to be ready during your procedure, which often includes doing the following:

  • Give up smoking several weeks before your operation.
  • In the weeks before your surgery, refrain from taking any vitamins or medications that thin the blood.
  • Take your prescribed medication or change some of it.
  • Apply certain skin care products before your consultation.

Another smart move is to leave personal jewelry at home, dress comfortably and loosely, and arrange for a ride home in advance. Schedule a period of absence from work. Typically, we advise taking 7-10 days off for recovery.


Anesthesia is used to start the process. In most cases, local anesthesia and IV sedation are administered to patients. This means that even though you’ll be awake during the treatment, you won’t experience any discomfort and will likely feel sleepy.

Your surgeon will perform the face incision once the anesthetic medicine has taken effect. Incisions for mini facelifts frequently begin just in front of the ear. After that, the surgeon raises the skin and removes any extra tissue. Muscle, as well as connective tissue, could also be repositioned if you require more extensive surgery.

Sutures will be used to close the wounds after your surgeon completes the procedure. Your surgeon will make the incisions where the scarring will be less noticeable.

Depending on how sophisticated it is and if your surgeon conducts many surgeries on you, a mini facelift typically takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete. After that, you’ll be taken to a recovery area and prepared to return home shortly.


During your rehabilitation, you will change the dressings over your wounds. When you are discharged, we can provide comprehensive instructions concerning how to care for your incisions.

In the days after surgery, it’s typical to notice swelling and bruises on your face. If necessary, you can treat the discomfort and tenderness with over-the-counter and prescription painkillers. To encourage healing and hasten recovery, we advise restricting particular activities and using ointments only for the treated region.

After a week to ten days of initial recovery following a mini facelift, any noticeable swelling disappears. We’ll schedule follow-up appointments to check on your recovery and get the sutures taken out. Anytime between the first and third weeks, sutures can be taken out.

Minimal Incision Executive Facelift at Smith Plastic Surgery

A mini facelift has been a common surgical process that can help repair typical facial changes brought on by aging. This procedure may be used to treat midface wrinkles and sagging in the face’s lower portion. At Smith Plastic Surgery, we also offer other surgery services for your nose and lips, and our surgeon will provide you with the best result.

If you are a NevadaLas Vegas resident and are interested in learning more about the surgery, schedule a consultation with us or contact us at 702-838-2455.

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