Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

Every surgical procedure, whether cosmetic or medically necessary, carries a certain amount of risk. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to doing everything we can to ensure your procedure goes smoothly. We will review your medical history carefully and discuss your current health status to determine if it is safe for you to move forward with surgery. Your responsibility is to fully disclose all relevant information so we can accurately assess potential risks for you. During surgery, our team takes every precaution to reduce the possibility of complications.*

Are Breast Implants Safe?

There are very strict medical standards that protect breast augmentation patients. Millions of women have safely undergone this type of procedure and are pleased with their results. At Smith Surgery, we offer three types of breast implants, all FDA approved: silicone implants (filled with silicone gel), saline implants (filled with saline) and “Gummy Bear” implants (filled with form-stable silicone). Most of our patients choose silicone implants, but many prefer saline. During your consultation, Dr. Smith will explain how these options differ and the pros and cons of each one, but the final choice will be up to you.*

How Can I Tell If Plastic Surgery Is Right For Me?

There are three key factors you should consider. Your health is the most important factor, because good health can help you recover faster and substantially reduce risk of complications. The second consideration is your motivation. The decision to choose cosmetic plastic surgery is very personal, and typically our patients wish to enhance their overall appearance and self-confidence. Third, it is essential to set realistic aesthetic goals. Although plastic surgery combines both art and science, it is not a “cure-all.” It is particularly important to discuss your goals during your initial consultation.*

Can I Have Several Procedures Performed Simultaneously?

As a general rule, yes. Dr. Smith will make the final decision about this depending on what procedure(s) you’re considering, the amount of surgical time required and your age and overall health. Performing multiple procedures simultaneously enables your surgeon to most effectively blend the results to give you the best possible overall enhancement. It also saves you money, because you only have to pay once for surgical facilities, anesthesia, etc. If you are considering more than one procedure, be sure to bring that up during your initial consultation.*

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Plastic Surgery?

Recovery time differs for each procedure and each individual. As with any surgery, your post-operative instructions will include rest and limited movement so your body can heal as quickly as possible. In general, you can expect bruises to go away within a few days and most swelling to be gone within a few weeks. As time passes, the visual benefits of your cosmetic surgery will be more and more apparent. Depending on the procedure, it may take up to a year for your body to adjust completely to your new look. Any scars from your surgery will fade over time, but they will never entirely disappear. Whenever possible, Dr. Smith will conceal them so they are least visible. By taking care to follow your post-op orders, you will be able to resume normal activities as soon as possible.*

What Will Happen During My Initial Consultation?

For you, the goal of consultation is to become mentally and emotionally prepared to move forward with surgery, if that’s what you decide to do. This is a time to discuss in detail with Dr. Smith the changes you wish to make and the aesthetic goal(s) you hope to achieve, so bring your list of questions. Dr. Smith may review with you before-and-after photos or use computer imaging to show you what results can be achieved with a particular procedure. He will also review your current health and medical history to help evaluate whether the procedure(s) you’re considering are appropriate for you. If you elect to have surgery, you will be asked to sign a consent form acknowledging you understand what the operation involves and what the possible complications or secondary effects may be.*

Will My Insurance Cover The Surgery?

Insurance providers are legally required to cover breast reconstruction surgery and any related cosmetic operations needed to produce symmetry in either breast. However, other cosmetic surgery procedures are not usually covered unless there is a specific medical need. For instance you may be covered for nose surgery to improve your ability to breathe, eyelid surgery if the sagging skin is affecting your vision, a tummy tuck to repair diastasis, the vertical separation of abdominal muscles, post-mastectomy breast augmentation or breast reduction to relieve back pain caused by the weight of your breasts.*

How many appointments do I receive after surgery?

  1. You will have a preop appointment prior to surgery, this takes place 2-4 weeks before surgery.
  2. Smith will see you the day of surgery when you are prepped and ready for surgery, this is when he will take preoperative photos and do the surgical markings for the procedure.
  3. Your post-operative visits will be scheduled by the medical assistants, you will be seen at one day, one week, one month, then 3-4 months after surgery. Any additional visits requested by Dr. Smith will be scheduled accordingly.
  4. Any visit after 4 months will be done with a medical assistant if needed. You may be asked to send photos for follow-up rather than waiting for a visit in the office. This is our attempt to limit your wait times in the clinic and still be able to give you the details that are required for healing.
  5. Due to the volume of post-ops that one physician can handle on his own, we ask that any additional visits you request during the first 6 months of healing are handled by our skilled medical assistants and answers will be given by Dr. Smith to relay to you.
  6. Additional charges for visits may occur. This will be based on a case-by-case basis. Please be advised that there may be a fee of $50 to $200 for additional visits if not scheduled by one of our providers.

Is there a policy about requesting additional surgery?

  1. Additional surgeries are at the discretion of the surgeon. Requests from patients will be honored at the discretion of the surgeon. Positive improvement is the goal, we ask that our patients understand that you must have realistic expectations prior to moving forward with surgery.
  2. Patients are only eligible to discuss additional surgery on an area that was operated on if they are the same weight or less after surgery. Unfortunately, if a patient gains weight after surgery, requests for additional surgery will be denied.
  3. Patients will be required to pay the cost of operating room, anesthesia, supplies, etc., based on the time allotted for any additional surgery.
  4. Cosmetic surgery is not a guarantee of perfection, any surgery that is a revision of another surgeon’s work, will be treated as a new surgery with our practice, however, patient must be aware that this is still considered a revision of an area that has been previously operated on.
  5. Post-operative instructions are to be followed by the patient to ensure proper healing; if at any time there is non-compliance on the patient’s part, no additional surgery will be honored.

Can I have someone in the room with me during my visits?

  1. At your consultation, we do allow you to have one person in your exam room while consulting with Dr. Smith.
  2. At post-op visits, we do not allow additional visitors in the exam rooms, this is to ensure that the patient is getting full focus and limiting the exposure you encounter while healing. This is a way to assist in infection control as well.

Do I have to purchase anything special for my recovery?

  1. The cost that you pay for your surgery will include one garment if your procedure requires it.
  2. Every patient is different, however, below is a list of common and helpful items you may choose to purchase prior to surgery. Most of these items can be purchased on Amazon.com and they are optional.
    1.  Gauze
    2. Tape
    3. Disposable under pads (blue chux) to keep bedding clean
    4. Juven for healing (available on Amazon)
    5. Pedialyte, Gatorade, Powerade
    6. Protein shakes
    7. Bone Broth
    8. Proper pillows for sleeping, sitting, resting (BBL pillow, etc.)
    9. Milk of Magnesia, Colace, for constipation prevention/treatment
    10. Female urinal (great for body procedures)
    11. Tylenol
    12. Arnica/ Bromeline pills or cream only (no tea)
    13. Euyzou compression tank (women under bust shapewear tank top) (avail on Amazon)
    14. Shoestring, lanyard, apron to clip drains onto (if drains are applicable)
    15. Zip/ button up clothing, loose pants, slip on shoes, etc.
    16. Foam pads for post op swelling

How soon will I see my final results?

  1. You will always see immediate results, the final results may take up to 6-12 months in some cases.
  2. If you have more than 1 surgery at a time, your body will need time to heal from the longer procedure.
  3. Please contact your medical assistant with any post-operative questions.

When can I begin exercising?

  1. We ask all surgical patients to refrain from any cardio for 3 weeks. Increasing your heart rate can also thin your blood and that can increase the risk of post-operative bleeding, swelling, bruising, etc.
  2. For any body surgery, you will need to refrain from excessive exercise in that particular area for 6-8 weeks. You will be given specific instructions of when you may resume full activities at your one-month post-op visit.

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