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This category of surgery encompasses a large segment of breast surgery. Some patients are born with certain breast irregularities or deformities, other patients have had previous surgeries with less than optimal results. Sometimes there are issues that develop after a perfectly performed breast surgery such as capsular contracture (excessive scar tissue forming around the breast) that will later need correction.

Uneven Breasts

One of the most common problems is asymmetrical or uneven breasts. Breasts are never exactly even for anyone, but sometimes there can be a very large difference in breasts sizes, for example one breast can be a C-cup and the other an A-cup. This can be corrected by using different sized breast implants. Sometimes one or both breasts may also need a breast lift (mastopexy). Additionally, one breast is much more ptotic (droopy) than another one. In this case one side may have a breast implant placed and the other side a breast lift or perhaps a breast lift with breast implants. It is important that the surgeon have many different tools at his disposal to deal with the various asymmetries that occur.

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Tuberous Breasts

Another common problem is the tuberous breast. Women with tuberous breast deformities have very pointed breasts. Usually this is caused by a very constricted inferior pole of the breast. This means there is not enough skin and breast tissue in the bottom half of the breasts, which makes the breast very pointed in shape. There are many ways to correct the tuberous breast. Dr. Smith uses many different methods to correct this depending upon the severity of the tuberous deformity.*

Previous Breast Surgery Issues

Often patients have problems from previous breast surgery. Sometimes the problems are present immediately after surgery and in other cases, they develop over time. Saline implants can deflate and my need to be replaced. Excessive scar tissue can develop around a previously placed breast implant. This is called capsular contracture. This can be corrected by removing the scar tissue, but there is a small risk the scar tissue can grow back.*

Implant Spacing

Other patients may have malposition of their breast implants. The breast implants may be too high, too low, or too widely spaced leaving a large gap in the middle and poor cleavage. Usually this is correctable with careful surgical technique.* Some patients may have had breast implants placed when in fact they needed to also have a breast lift or with time the breasts may sag and a lift is required. Patients may have severe rippling or problems from the implants being placed on top or the muscle; this can often be corrected by placing the implants under the muscle or switching from saline to silicone breast implants.*

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