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There are many aspects of the face which impact the overall appearance of your face. One of the biggest and most noticeable parts of your face is your chin, which can drastically influence your overall appearance. Do you feel that your chin is not proportionate to the rest of your face?

If you are unsatisfied with the shape or balance of your chin or feel that it detracts from your appearance, you may want to consider a chin augmentation in Las Vegas. At Smith Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer chin augmentation, which uses chin and/or cheek implants to help shape and balance your face.

Should I Get Chin Augmentation?

Only you can decide what your goals are for your ideal facial appearance. However, our trained and board certified Las Vegas plastic surgeon can meet with you to determine how your face can achieve symmetry. Chin implants and cheek implants are often used to assist with contouring, shaping, and adding definition. We have the skill and experience to use implants to help you achieve a facial profile which increases your beauty and self-confidence.*

A few reasons you may want to consider chin augmentation include:*

  • If you would like your cheeks to look fuller or higher.*
  • If your cheeks have become hollow.*
  • If your face does not feel proportionate.*
  • If your facial profile lacks definition.*
  • If your chin is small or recessed.*
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What is the Chin Augmentation Procedure Like?

Our Las Vegas plastic surgeon will meet with you to establish your exact goals and a customized plan just for you. Once surgery has begun, we will insert an implant in front of your jawbone. Typically the incision is made inside the mouth, but it may be made below the chin. Chin augmentation is often performed along with other procedures, such as a rhinoplasty or facelift, but it can also be performed on its own.

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