Butt Augmentation (Buttock Implants)

A round shapely buttock is a sign of youth and beauty. As we age, the buttocks get smaller, more flat, and begin to droop. A flat buttock even in a young patient, makes a person look older, and less sexually attractive. Conversely: a round full buttock even in a older patient, makes the patient look younger and more sexually attractive. How a buttock looks is highly dependent on the fat distribution and genetics of a patient. Unfortunately many people simply genetically do not place their fat in their buttocks and/or have smaller buttock muscle mass. While African-Americans tend to have larger buttocks; Hispanics, Asians and Phillipinos tend to have flat, smaller buttocks. Increasingly women and men are desiring larger buttocks and buttock enhancement. Fortunately there are several ways to enhance buttock appearance, and make them more round, and/or larger. Las Vegas plastic surgeon, Dr. Lane Smith is one of the busiest buttock augmentation specialists in the United States. Tru Entertainment T.V. (the people who bring you Housewives of Atlanta and many other T.V. shows,) were looking to film a special on buttock augmentation and buttock implants. After searching the entire United States, they came up with the top five surgeons in the area of buttock enhancement. They eventually chose Dr. Lane Smith as the surgeon to film.

Butt Augmentation Las Vegas

Ideal Candidates for Butt Augmentation

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure that can enhance the size and shape of your buttocks. There are two main methods of achieving this: implants or fat transfer. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand which option is right for you.

Ideal candidates for buttock implants are people who are looking for a more dramatic change in their appearance. The implants will give you a fuller, more rounded buttock shape. However, they may not be suitable if you have a lot of excess skin on your buttocks.

People who are considering buttock augmentation by fat transfer should have enough fat available to harvest. The advantage of this technique is that it can also improve the contours of your thighs and hips. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure, and it may not be suitable if you have a lot of scar tissue in the area.

Buttock augmentation or fat transfer to the buttocks is a cosmetic operation that can help you achieve your goal look. During your consultation with Dr. Lane Smith, he will go through the cost and grafting procedure of buttock implants. Make an appointment with our Las Vegas, NV plastic surgery office today. Dr. Lane Smith will develop a treatment plan for you based on your needs.

What to Expect in Buttock Implants Or By Fat Transfer To The Buttocks

When you are considering having buttock implants or by fat transfer to the buttocks, it is important to understand the differences between the two procedures. With buttock implants, a surgeon will place silicone or saline implants into your buttocks. With fat transfer, the surgeon will take fat from another part of your body and inject it into your buttocks.

Both procedures have their own benefits and drawbacks. Buttock implants can give you a more rounded and voluptuous appearance, while fat transfers can be used to contour your buttocks and create a more natural look. However, implants can sometimes feel unnatural or too firm, and they may need to be replaced at some point. Fat transfers are not permanent, but they do tend to last longer than implants.

With buttock implants, you will likely experience some pain and swelling in the days and weeks following surgery. With the fat transfer to the buttocks, you can expect some swelling and bruising in the days and weeks following surgery.  

Deciding which procedure is right for you will depend on your own individual needs and preferences. Talk to a surgeon about the pros and cons of each procedure to help you make the best decision for yourself.

Buttock Implants Las Vegas

The Benefits Of Buttock Augmentation

There are many benefits to buttock augmentation and buttock enhancement. Larger buttocks can help balance other areas of the figure, for example large breasts or wide shoulders or hips. Larger buttocks look sexier, and make a patients look younger. Buttock augmentation can help lift buttocks that are sagging. Most importantly patients look and feel more attractive. Often this leads to more confidence, and improved self-esteem.* In general it leads to an improved quality of life.* Patients often feel this is one of the best investments they have ever made.*

Buttock Augmentation Can Be Performed Using Buttock Implants Or By Fat Transfer To The Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Buttocks can be enlarged with a butt implant or by fat transfer to the butt. Fat transfer to the buttocks is performed by taking fat from one area and moving it to the buttocks. People often call this a Brazilian Butt Lift. For more information on Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to the butt,) see the section on Brazilian Butt Lift located on this website. Silicone implants can also be used to enlarge the buttocks, in a fashion similar to breast augmentation. In this case, silicone butt implants are placed under gluteal muscle in the buttock area.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buttock Implants For Butt Enhancement

Silicone implants can be placed in the buttocks to enlarge and change the shape of the buttocks. This is similar to using silicone implants to enlarge the breasts. The buttock implants have a different shape than breast implants. Both breast and buttock implants are made out of silicone, however; the buttock implants are more firm than the breast implants. This is actually a good thing as a buttock should be more firm than a breast. The silicone buttock implants are placed through a small incision in the gluteal crease (“butt crack”). The incisions are easily hidden in this area. The implants are placed in between the gluteal muscles so that there is muscle above and below the implant. This helps to hide the buttock implant, make the butt implant feel more natural and prevent the buttock implant from drooping. The main advantage of buttock implants is the fact they will always produce a very strong change in the buttocks, and definitely will make the buttocks more round, shapely and firm. The main disadvantage is the same disadvantage that silicone breast implants have; that is there is an implant present and that implants will not last forever. Someday it will be likely that other surgeries will be needed, either to remove them or replace them. The implants are made of the exact same silicone as silicone breast implants, but they are not technically FDA approved as buttock implants. Hence they are allowed to be used as “off label” use.

Las Vegas Butt Augmentation

How Butt Augmentation Is Performed Using Buttock Implants

The patient is taken to the operating room and placed under general anesthesia and turned in the prone position (with the butt up.) Then small incisions are made inside the gluteal crease (“butt crack,”) Dr. Smith then dissects between the muscles and creates a pocket for the butt implant. The size and position of the pocket is determined by the size of the implant and the patient’s buttock dimensions. Basically, there are currently only 5 sizes of silicone buttock implants: small, medium, medium large, large and extra large. The small butt implant is always too small and Dr. Smith never places this butt implant as patients always complain the change has not been big enough. The most common buttock implants placed are the medium-large, large and extra large. The size of the butt implant placed is determined partly by the patient’s wishes, and partly by the patient’s current buttock width.

If the natural buttock width is not large enough to hold the large butt implant or extra large butt implant, these cannot be used even if the patient wants that size. After the incision, a pocket is created in the gluteal muscle. The buttock implant is placed inside this pocket and is covered above and below by muscle. This helps hold the implant in place and prevents it from dropping. Also the implant feels more natural under the muscle. After the buttock implant is placed, the pocket is closed with several layers of dissolvable sutures, beginning from the deepest layer working up to the skin. Often we will place a small drain on each side and the patient will be placed in a compression garment, which is similar to spandex biker shorts. This garment helps hold the butt implants in position until they heal. Initially the buttock implants will be slightly too high. Just as breast implants drop, the buttock implants drop for about 2 to 3 months so it is important that they are too high at first. The entire operation takes about one hour to perform. The patient recovers in the recovery room and goes home. Most patients can go back to work in ten days to two weeks. However, patients cannot exercise for six weeks after buttock enhancement surgery.*

Butt Augmentation Procedure Technique

Butts are one of the most popular areas for augmentation, and for good reason. A nicely shaped butt can add curves to a woman’s body and make her feel more confident. If you’re considering butt augmentation in Las Vegas, you’ll want to work with a surgeon who has experience performing the procedure.

Butt augmentation in Las Vegas is a surgical procedure that can increase the size and improve the shape of your buttocks. Dr. Lane Smith is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers this procedure at his practice in Las Vegas.

There are several different techniques that can be used for butt augmentation, and Dr. Smith will select the one that is best suited to your individual needs and goals. One common technique is the placement of silicone implants. This involves making a small incision in the crease of the buttocks and then inserting the implants into pockets created underneath the skin.

Another option is fat grafting, which involves harvesting fat from other areas of the body and then injecting it into the buttocks. This technique can be used to increase the size of the buttocks or to correct asymmetry.

The final option is a Brazilian butt lift (BBL surgery), which uses your own body fat to create a more rounded appearance. This technique is popular because it does not involve any implants or injections, and it also eliminates the risk of implant rejection or infection.

If you are considering butt augmentation in Las Vegas, consult with Dr. Smith to learn more about your options and find out which technique would be best for you.

What to Expect After Butt Implant Surgery

Most people report little discomfort after butt implant surgery. Most patients are given medication to help with any pain they may experience. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions for postoperative care to ensure a smooth recovery. Patients should avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks after surgery. The goal is to allow the implants to settle into their new position and avoid any complications. The final outcome is a rounder, fuller, and more voluminous butt. There is usually some downtime associated with the procedure, but most people are very happy with the final outcome. While there are some risks associated with any surgery, butt augmentation is a relatively safe procedure. 

Las Vegas Buttock Implants

Achieving a Beautiful, Confident Look with Butt Augmentation 

Are you considering butt augmentation in Las Vegas? If so, you’re probably looking for guidance on how to decide whether it’s right for you, the latest technology and techniques, and the best place to have your procedure. Smith Plastic Surgery has a long-standing reputation as one of the top plastic surgery practices providing butt augmentation procedures in Las Vegas. Here we provide an overview of what is involved in butt augmentation so that you can make an informed decision.

Butt augmentation is a popular option for those who want to add fullness, volume, or shape to their backside. The goal of this type of procedure is to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette by making the buttocks look rounder and firmer without having to resort to implants or fat grafting. There are two main methods for achieving this goal: butt resurfacing and butt filler injections. 

Resurfacing involves removing fatty tissue from the abdomen or other areas of the body where fatty deposits exist, such as around the waistline or face. Once the fatty tissue has been removed from its original location, it is then injected into areas on the buttocks where additional fullness is desired. This method provides instant results that can last up to five years with minimal recovery time required. 

Filler injections are another alternative to butt augmentation surgery and are used when more subtle changes are desired. These treatments involve injecting fillers into specific parts of the buttocks with a needle. This method offers less dramatic results than traditional surgery but may be suitable depending on your individual goals and expectations. It also offers a faster recovery time than traditional surgery with some patients returning to normal activities within days following treatment. However, keep in mind that multiple sessions may be required depending on how much volume needs to be added in order for optimal results to be achieved. 

When considering any type of cosmetic procedure, it’s important to understand all aspects involved, including potential risks and common side effects such as soreness, swelling, bruising, numbness, discoloration at injection sites, pressure sensations at injection sites, etc. Be sure to discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor during your consultation so that they can properly advise you about whether this method is right for you and how many sessions should be expected based on your individual needs. Additionally, ensure that your doctor has reviews from satisfied customers as well as experience performing these procedures before booking an appointment, so that you can feel confident about moving forward with them. 

At Smith Plastic Surgery we take pride in delivering superior quality aesthetic outcomes through our commitment to safety and excellence in science-driven medical care combined with artistic vision and patient education about everything related to butt augmentation procedures—from the number of sessions required through the post-operative recovery process—so that every patient can make decisions confidently armed with all relevant information needed regarding their unique anatomy, lifestyle factors (such as exercise habits), overall health status and aesthetic goals related to their body contouring journey via butt augmentation procedure(s).


Why Choose Dr. Lane Smith?

Dr. Smith at Smith Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive selection of enhancements to enhance your look and confidence: from butt augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck; through facial rejuvenation, facelift, and breast reduction; all the way to thigh lift, Botox injections, Labiaplasty or nose reshaping. Laser treatments in addition to dermal fillers will complete their wide-ranging offering, exemplified by their well-recognized expertise in performing breast augmentations. 

At Smith Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lane Smith and his team strive to provide the highest quality care available in a personalized setting. The office is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that are used to ensure optimal results for every patient who comes through their door.

During your initial consultation, you will have an opportunity to discuss your goals and expectations so that they can work together to create a plan tailored specifically for you. They understand that when it comes to changing one’s appearance, there is no “one size fits all” solution; rather, each individual must be carefully assessed before any decisions are made. That’s why they spend time getting to know their patients, and learning about their unique needs and desires so that they can craft a customized treatment plan.

At Dr. Lane Smith’s practice, you can be sure that you will receive top-notch care and service from one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the country. They are dedicated to helping every patient achieve their desired outcome – whether it’s enhancing their appearance or improving their health. The team consists of highly-trained professionals who are committed to providing the best results possible, with safety always at the forefront of every procedure.  

Dr. Lane Smith and his staff will work closely with you to ensure that they understand your aesthetic goals and provide personalized care to help you achieve those goals. With years of experience in the plastic surgery field, along with their use of advanced technology, Dr. Smith and his practice guarantee satisfaction for everyone who walks through the doors. Additionally, they offer financing options so that all patients can receive the quality treatment they need without any financial strain.  

Scheduling An Appointment For Buttock Augmentation

Buttock enhancement is becoming more popular every day. Buttock Augmentation using either fat transfer or butt implants is now one of the most common surgeries Dr. Smith performs. Plastic Surgery is a big commitment and results vary tremendously depending on the surgeon you choose. It is nice to know that Las Vegas has one of the best plastic surgeons for buttock augmentation in the country. Dr. Smith is considered an expert in this surgery and his results and extensive experience speak for themselves.* Patients come from all over Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada, California and the world to have Dr. Smith perform buttock augmentation on them. If you are considering a buttock enhancement, the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Lane Smith, a board-certified surgeon.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling (702) 838-2455 or by email. For patients who live far from Las Vegas, online or phone consultations are available.

Butt Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

If I Want a Bigger Butt, Should I Get Implants or a Fat Transfer?

When it comes to enhancing your buttocks through plastic surgery, you have a few options. Your decision should be made with careful consideration given to the amount of fat in your body and how much time you are willing or able to commit to recovery after any combined surgery. With Dr. Smith’s expert guidance in exploring all aspects, make sure that whatever choice is ultimately taken will bring long-term results best suited for you!

Is It Permissible to Sit on My Buttocks After a Buttock Implant Surgery?

Sitting may not be on the cards right away after butt implant surgery, but you’ll get there! Dr. Smith will provide instructions on the proper sitting procedures to ensure your comfort and quick healing. Along with following the doc’s orders, investing in an orthopedic donut cushion/pillow can help alleviate any pain associated with getting back into regular seating habits post-surgery. With strategic positioning of weight over certain parts of your buttocks/thighs area when seated, you are sure to be resting comfortably again soon!

Is Weight Gain Likely to Impact My Butt Implants Negatively?

Keeping a healthy weight can be essential to preserving the results of your plastic surgery. After any butt implant procedure, it’s important not to put on or lose more than 20 pounds in either direction – otherwise, you may begin to notice changes in the look and feel of your results! A nutritious diet coupled with regular exercise is key for achieving optimal, long-lasting aesthetic success after this type of treatment.

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