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Breast Augmentation

You might think that getting breast augmentation surgery in Las Vegas is easy as there are plenty of clinics that offer this procedure, then you’re right. But if you want to make your dream boob job a reality, you need help from only the best that the Las Vegas breast augmentation scene has to offer, and that is our very own board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lane Smith.

With decades-long work experience, an impressive educational background, and a slew of awards from trusted medical organizations, Dr. Smith is hailed as one of the most prominent figures in the plastic surgery industry in the country. He also has not just one but four distinct board recognitions and is a skillful expert in conducting breast augmentation and corrective breast surgery. Countless women in Las Vegas and other nearby cities have flocked to us here at Smith Plastic Surgery to have their breast augmentation procedure done with Dr. Lane Smith.


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There are two types of breast augmentation procedures: breast augmentation using implants and breast augmentation using fat transfer.

Natural Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation using fat transfer

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Dr. Smith can transfer fat from other areas of your body, such as your waist or abdomen, to your breasts for breast enlargement or breast augmentation.

Since fat is the patient’s own “natural” tissue, fat transfer to the breast has been termed “Natural Breast Augmentation” or “Natural Breast Implants.” To fully understand the difference between breast implantation with silicone breast implants and breast augmentation with fat transfer to the breasts, it is essential to read the section on breast augmentation (breast implantation.)

Advantages vs Disadvantages of Natural Breast Augmentation

What Are The Advantages Of Using Fat For Breast Enlargement?

Advantages of natural breast enlargement include:

The safety of using fat tissue instead of silicone breast implants or saline implants.

Breasts consist mainly of fat and mammary glands, so when we transfer the fat, the breasts become larger with the same tissue they are made of. This is where the term “Natural Breast Augmentation” is derived from.

The breasts look and feel very natural.

Usually, we harvest the fat from the waist and abdomen, but we can use it anywhere the patient chooses as long as there is enough fat. The patient improves in each area from which we harvest the fat, usually a narrower abdomen, waist, and larger breasts.

The procedure uses only two tiny poke holes to inject the fat so there are no breast augmentation scars.*

Breast augmentation with implants always requires an incision that leaves a small scar.*

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Are There Any Disadvantages Of Fat Transfer To The Breasts?

When Dr. Smith transfers fat to the breasts, the skin fills up like an inflating balloon. Eventually, the skin will be completely tight and cannot hold more fat. At this point, no more fat can be injected. Not all of the fat lives. Usually, only 30% to 60% of the transferred fat will live so that the breasts will shrink back a little.

Because of this, fat transfer works best in women who have been pregnant because their skin was stretched out from the pregnancy, and their skin envelope can hold more fat.

As a general rule of thumb, fat transfer to the breast can only enlarge the breast by one cup size, and therefore fat transfer will not work well in a patient with A-cup-sized breasts who has never had a child and wants anything more than a small B-cup.

What If I Want Larger Breasts? Will Natural Augmentation Work?

For breast augmentation patients who want more than one cup size enlargement, silicone or saline breast implants are a much better option. Another major disadvantage of natural breast enhancement surgery is that the patient must have some fat to transfer, and fat transfer will not work in a skinny patient with no fat to transfer to her breasts.

Due to the longer length of time, fat transfer to the breasts costs more than routine breast augmentation. The result offsets that natural breast augmentation is more expensive and that more than one area of the patient’s body is improved. Natural breast enlargement surgery improves more than just the breast. It improves the entire figure.*

How Long Does Natural Breast Augmentation Surgery Take?

Natural breast augmentation surgery in Las Vegas takes much longer than routine breast implant surgery because the fat must be harvested with liposuction, spun down and purified, and injected into the breasts. Usually, this takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. Breast implant surgery usually takes only about 45 minutes to an hour.*

What Our Patients Think

Dr. Smith was very attentive! He listened to what overall outcome I was looking to achieve, and gave me his professional opinion on how we should work together to achieve the results I wanted. His office staff was very friendly, and the helped put me at ease with the whole surgery and recovery process. It was the easiest procedure I have ever had done!

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Breast Augmentation Using Breast Implants

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What Are The Risks of Breast Augmentation?

As simple as it is, breast enlargement surgery also comes with its own set of risks that you should be aware of.

Here are some of them:

  • Implant Rupture or Deflation
  • Breast Asymmetry (Uneven Breasts)
  • Capsular Contracture
  • Nipple Sensation Changes
  • Scarring
  • Infection Bleeding

If you have more questions or concerns, then do not worry because Dr. Smith and the rest of our staff will gladly give you the answers.

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Types of Breast Implants

Silicone Breast Implants vs Saline implants

Patients have a couple of breast implant options to choose from.  There are two types of implants for breast augmentation: silicone implants and saline implants.

  • Silicone implants are a popular and more common choice because of their ability to provide patients with a more natural feel and shape. 
  • Saline implants tend to be stiffer.  They are also less expensive.

Two women in a doctor's office talking about breast implants.

Saline or Silicone Gel: A Comparison

  • Silicone gel implants provide a more natural and softer feel.  Silicone comes in highly cohesive gel (called gummy bear implants) providing patients with a soft and doughy feeling that can retain its shape. The regular cohesive gel implants provide a stronger silicone shell with thicker filling, which can give a more naturally soft feeling compared to the higher cohesive gel. In terms of cost, silicone implants are more expensive compared to saline which is cheaper.  Silicone implants can rupture but the rupture can go unnoticed. Silicone implants usually involve a 4cm incision.
  • Saline gel can feel firmer.  Saline implant ruptues are more noticeable, but the filling is absorbable.  The implant shape of the saline gel can vary, compared to silicone.  Saline implants can have small incisions (less than3 cm in length).

The breast implant placement of whichever implant type you choose can be decided upon during your consultation.  An initial consultation with Dr. Smith and his team will help decide if saline or silicone implants are best for you as well as what breast implant size is the best for you.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

There are plenty of reasons why women get breast implants, such as the following:

  • A more youthful appearance
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better proportions (correct breast asymmetry) and figure
  • More options for clothing styles
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved breast shape and symmetry of the breasts.

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Breast Augmentation Procedure Overview

Breast augmentation surgery is a relatively simple procedure performed under general anesthesia. The surgery typically lasts one to two hours, and patients can usually return home later that day.

Dr. Smith makes a small incision near the fold of the breast, inserts the implant, and closes the incision with dissolving stitches. Most patients experience minimal scarring and recover quickly from surgery.

During the surgery, the breast implant placement is in one of two places.  The implants are inserted under the pectoral muscle (submuscular implant placement) or over the pec muscle (subglandular implant placement). Normally, the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle of the breast to make it look more natural.

The incision placement can be done at different insertion points:

  • An inframammary incision can be performed at the lower part of the breast, which is commonly preferred.
  • A transaxillary incision is performed through the armpit (axilla) and comes with no scarring.
  • A periareolar incision is performed around the nipple or areola of the breast.

Discussing How the Procedure Will Affect You

Before going to your first appointment for breast augmentation, it’s crucial to have the answers as to why you want to get a boob job, what is your preferred breast shape, and what expectations you have post-surgery. Doing this gives Dr. Smith ample time to make the best Las Vegas breast augmentation plan perfect for delivering the safest and most satisfying results for you.

Aside from knowing your reasons and goals, Dr. Smith will also help you understand breast enlargement surgery on a deeper level, allowing you to make a more concrete decision as to whether this is something you want to get or not.

Some of the things that Dr. Smith will discuss with you include:

  • The three methods used in the procedure, including their pros and cons
  • The types of breast implants (including the breast implant size)
  • The risks you might encounter during AND after the surgery
  • Post-surgery care

He will also guide you in choosing the perfect size, shape, and material for your breast implant. That’s right, you have complete control over what goes inside your body. Dr. Lane Smith and the rest of the team will ensure that you have a safe, comfortable, and successful operation.

Is Breast Augmentation Right For You?

We treat your safety with the utmost importance. That’s why during your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Smith will discuss with you a set of qualifications to meet for him to decide if you’re suitable for this operation.

You are the perfect candidate for breast implant surgery in Las Vegas if you are:

  • A non-smoker
  • Someone who doesn’t suffer from life-threatening medical conditions
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are of legal age
  • Have an overall healthy body
  • A thorough understanding of the surgery

Have realistic expectations regarding the results of the procedure.

Things That Breast Augmentation Cannot Fix

While getting breast augmentation can boost your confidence and overall quality of life, it cannot solve all types of breast problems you may have.

According to Dr. Smith, here are some of the issues that a breast enlargement surgery cannot fix (but other breast surgeries can fix):

  • Inverted nipples and large areolas.
  • Significant breast sagging, dropping an inch or more (known as ptotic breasts), may require a breast lift (mastopexy) alongside or instead of breast augmentation.
  • Significant differences in the position of one or both of your nipples may require additional surgery or techniques.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

When it comes to breast augmentation recovery, most patients are recommended to avoid any traveling for at least one week after they have completed surgery. Some pain and discomfort may be felt in the first 2-3 days but can be managed with over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen. It is recommended to schedule a follow-up appointment after 48 hours to monitor your progress. During your follow-up appointment and at every appointment afterwards, Dr. Smith and his team will do a check up to see how you are doing in the recovery process, give any feedback if necessary, and make sure you are doing well.

A person wearing a beige compression garment is adjusting the strap on the shoulder.

Things To Do While Recovering From Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Take ibuprofen to minimize pain
  • Move your arms around to prevent stiffness and keep your muscles loose as well as to increase blood circulation. Light exercise (eg: walking around the house) is ok.
  • Do not touch or remove your dressing that was used during your surgical procedure. It will be inspected and removed during your appointment.
  • If you are in any pain or are experiencing higher than normal fever, call our clinic immediately.
Dr. Lane Smith - Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas

Why Choose Dr. Lane Smith for Your Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Smith is the best board-certified plastic surgeon in Las Vegas for breast augmentation that you can have.  Holding 4 separate board-certifications in plastic surgery, Dr. Lane Smith and his surgical team have done plastic surgery on over 23,000 happy and satisfied patients all over the world, especially in the United States.

Having over two decades of experience and history achieving world class results and winning gold in the Best of Las Vegas awards for breats augmentation multiple years in a row, you can be assured that you are in good hands when you book your consultation and surgery with Dr. Lane and his team.

Dr. Smith and his team of professionals will provide you with expert care before, during, and after the procedure. We strive to give you the exact results you are looking for AND aim to deliver the best patient care possible.

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Contact Dr. Lane Smith –  Your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation surgery with implants, be sure to visit our plastic surgery clinic or book a free breast augmentation consultation with us today. We offer a wide range of services and can help you choose the best option for your needs. We offer private consultations and appointments for those seeking an estimate or discussing their options further.

Our experienced team will be more than happy to meet with you and discuss the areas you want to enhance, from implant size, shape, type, and position. We will also provide a detailed list of pre-op instructions so that you know what to expect before any procedure occurs. During our meeting, we can answer any questions or concerns that you may have so that you feel comfortable and confident in your decision-making process. Whether you’re seeking a subtle increase or something more dramatic, let us create a customized service plan for your needs.

Las Vegas Breast Augmentation FAQs

  • How much does a breast augmentation cost in Las Vegas?

    Dr. Smith, a nationally recognized surgeon known for his excellence in breast augmentation in Las Vegas, will take the time to go over the details during your initial consultation so there are no surprises. This includes breast augmentation cost, which typically ranges from $6,000 to $8,000. This price range includes anesthesia and facility fees. We also offer simple financing options.

  • What is cheaper, a Breast Lift or Augmentation?

    In many cases, a breast lift may be a slightly more lengthy and complex surgery as compared to breast implant surgery. In general, the cost may range between $18,000 and $20,000 at most practices.

  • How long do Breast Implants last?

    The FDA estimates that breast implants should last at least ten years. Studies have shown that some breast implants last much longer than that and others much less. Rupture isn’t the only problem that requires surgery.

  • Do Breast Lifts require implants?

    A breast lift does not involve implants at all. Rather, the surgeon manipulates the existing breast tissue in order to lift and tighten the breast.

  • Is it worth getting a Breast Lift?

    Lifting the breasts means a return to a more youthful and shapely appearance. A breast lift will not increase the size of your breasts unless the procedure is combined with breast augmentation surgery. There are many benefits to having a breast lift that will help give you a boost in self-confidence.

  • How much does a Breast Lift cost?

    Excess skin is removed, breast tissue is lifted, and nipples and areola are moved or even reduced in size. Like breast augmentation, side effects can include temporary discomfort, swelling, bruising, and scars which will fade with time.

  • How long after Breast Augmentation can they be touched?

    3 weeks
    Although there’s no harm in light fondling, be mindful that your breasts will be sensitive to touch for up to 3 weeks after surgery.

  • How long does it take for Breast Implants to look normal?

    Three Months
    As with all surgeries, breast augmentation results progress over time. The week after surgery, your body starts to adjust to the presence of the new implants. It takes at least three months before you will fully realize the results.

  • What are the “Dos” and “Don'ts” after Breast Surgery?

    Refrain from getting your breasts wet – either in a bath, shower, or pool, for the first weeks after your surgery. Don’t smoke. Smoking negatively impacts your body’s ability to heal after surgery. Don’t wear an underwire bra, which can not only be painful but also prevent your breast implants from settling properly.

    No cardio after 3 weeks, The exercise or heavy lifting after 6-8 weeks, no excessive overhead movements, refrain from all supplements and vitamins that are considered blood thinners 2 weeks before and after surgery.

  • Can Breast Implants last 30 years?

    According to the FDA, the longer a person leaves the implants, the greater the risk for complications. The lifespan of implants varies, but only a “few people may keep their original implants for 20 to 30 years,” the FDA wrote. This patient’s implants, shown above, were 40 years old, and one ruptured inside of the body.

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