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All of us at Smith Plastic Surgery are proud to announce that we’re now offering The O-Shot®, which is a revolutionary arousal treatment that helps women improve their sex life by experiencing more frequent and powerful orgasms during intercourse.

Our very own Dr. Malcom D. Paul is providing this procedure for our patients. This state-of-the-art vagina injection entails platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that provides stimulation to a woman’s clitoris, which subsequently leads to an improved sexual experience and a patient having more ability to reach a climactic orgasm.

And the best part is that there are little to no side effects, complications or pain associated with the orgasm shot. Doctors and patients all over the country are providing incredible reviews of the O-shot, and below we’ll be providing a comprehensive overview detailing the many benefits and general information you’ll need prior to scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Paul!

What Exactly Is The O-Shot, And What Can I Expect From Its Vaginal Rejuvenation Process?

The orgasm shot, otherwise known as the O-shot, is a non-surgical treatment invented by Dr. Charles Runels that helps women improve their sex drive and rejuvenate their vagina. 

Many patients who are interested in O-shot injections and healing treatments suffer from things like vaginal dryness or sexual dysfunction, and these needle injections provide a natural lubrication to a woman’s vulva and G-spot areas, which in turn makes it much easier to experience pleasure during intercourse. 

Patients have reported increased vaginal sensitivity, more sexual desire, and stronger, more frequent orgasms after having this procedure. 

Is The O-Shot A Pharmaceutical Drug?

No, it’s important to remember that the O-shot is not a pharmaceutical drug. It’s a rather simple procedure that can be done at our office, which involves Dr. Paul taking a routine sample of blood platelets and running them through a centrifuge in order to obtain an adequate amount of PRP, platelet-rich plasma.

The PRP is then injected into the patient’s vaginal tissue, which creates a natural response for stem cells to gravitate toward the injection areas. As the stem cells work their magic, the patient will experience all sorts of improvement in terms of the health and overall sexual function of their vaginal nerves, skin and tissues.

The benefit of receiving this procedure is a healthier, more active O-spot, vaginal wall, Skene’s Glands, and urethra. Regardless of age, an O-shot patient will reap many great benefits from this treatment, including:

  • an increase in libido levels
  • less difficulty reaching a profound sexual sensation during intercourse
  • less likelihood of urinary incontinence
  • less discomfort
  • less likelihood of infertility
  • Improved sexual stimulation
  • Smoother skin around the vulva
    And much more
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How Exactly Does The O-Shot Support Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The shot utilizes top-quality, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that comes from the patient’s own blood sample. There are many different growth factors contained in the PRP that creates a cell regeneration process within specific areas of the vagina. 

This cell regeneration technology within the vagina encourages stem cells to naturally increase blood flow to the clitoris, G-spot and O-spot areas. The stem cells then generate healthy vaginal tissue growth, which does wonders for a patient’s vaginal rejuvenation goals!

What Is The O-Shot Procedure Actually Like?

The first part of the procedure entails a basic blood drawing from the patient’s arm or knee. This blood sample is then run through a unique centrifuge to create the PRP. The PRP is then injected into the upper vagina and clitoris area. 

It’s really that simple, because you’ll soon see the PRP working its magic as the many benefits of the O-shot support your sex life!

Does The O-Shot Hurt?
How Long Does The Procedure Take?

Getting an O-shot is usually very safe, and there are very few negative symptoms associated with this procedure that patients should even be remotely worried about. The entire injection site is numbed with a special cream prior to the shot, and although every body is different, very few people report discomfort and pain problems. 

The injection itself will feel similar to a warming sensation, and some people say it feels similar to a slight pinch. Most patients experience little to no side effects after getting the orgasm shot, but some people have reported minor swelling, redness, and/or numbness.

And what’s great about the O-shot is that there’s no recovery time associated with this non-surgical procedure. The entire procedural process only takes about half an hour, and that includes all numbing and blood drawing activity. 

Will I Need More Than One O-Shot?

This is one of the most common questions we receive about the O-shot, and the truth is that it’s perfectly fine to receive one or more O-shots depending upon your personal preferences. Getting more than one O-shot will only build upon the effect of your treatment’s results, so there are no safety concerns associated with receiving more than one injection. 

Your doctor will likely recommend at least eight weeks in between O-shots, because giving this amount of time will better ensure the effects of the previous treatment. But everyone is different and has a unique medical history, so be sure to speak with your medical provider about a treatment timeframe that works specifically for you. 

What Results Can I Expect From An O-Shot Injection?

Although most patients can expect incredible changes after receiving an O-shot, there are certain factors that can influence the procedure’s results. Some of these factors include the patient’s hormones, age, and underlying medical conditions. Although medical research has proven how the O-shot is an incredible vaginal rejuvenation method, it’s still not a “magic wand”.

About half of all O-shot patients will almost immediately experience a wow effect, but it’s still possible for about half of patients to only see significant improvements. 

O-Shot patients have reported a wide range of positive benefits, including:

  • Increased vaginal sensation 
  • Increased arousal from clitoris stimulation
  • More capability of achieving a vaginal orgasm during intercourse, particularly when previously unable to do so
  • Smoother, younger skin around the vulva and vaginal opening
  • More frequent, stronger orgasms
  • Urinary incontinence improvements
  • Increased, natural lubrication
  • Less pain during sex, particularly when previously experiencing sex pains
  • Decreased likelihood of cystitis
  • Decreased depression and sexual stress
  • Decreased likelihood of lichen sclerosus 
  • Better fertility and chances of pregnancy 
  • Natural care without pharmaceutical drugs or anesthesia 
  • Improved relationship with partners

How Long Does It Take For Patients To See O-Shot Results?

A lot of O-shot patients experience an almost immediate increase in pleasure and sexual desire, but on average, most patients see their full results after about three months post-injection.

Women who experience a heightened sensation during the first week after the injection will generally see gradual improvements developing throughout the next 3-9 weeks. This increased sensation will usually peak about three months after the injection. 

Although results vary, the vast number of O-shot patients will maintain their treatment results for upwards of 14-18 months. On average, patients will receive a new O-shot about every 18 months.

How Much Does The O-Shot Cost?

It’s important to remember that most health insurance providers do not cover O-shot therapy procedures, and this is because the O-shot is considered to be an elective treatment and technically isn’t FDA-approved. 

The average cost of an O-shot injection varies between $1,400-$1,800. Although this may seem rather expensive for a lot of patients, our financing options are available to help make this procedure more affordable for all couples. Be sure to speak with our staff to get more in-depth advice about your available financing plans associated with our O-Shot treatment. 

Studies throughout the MD world have proven that O-shots help relationships with all sorts of sexual issues, so this type of healthcare investment is something that you and your partner should talk about prior to your initial consultation appointment with Dr. Paul. 

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For An O-Shot Procedure?

Any woman who’s having difficulty achieving an orgasm during sexual intercourse is a good candidate for an O-shot injection procedure. The O-shot is also a good option for women experiencing urinary incontinence as well. 

This treatment is meant to rejuvenate a patient’s vagina in profound ways that medications simply can’t provide. Although it’s common for a physician to give a woman a diagnosis to use O-shot therapy, the need for this type of treatment is often understood by women simply having trouble with their own sexual arousal and pleasure. 

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Getting An O-Shot?

Although the list of potential side effects associated with O-shots is short, there can sometimes be a slight risk in obtaining these types of injections. 

The potential side effects of the O-shot include the following: 

  • Bleeding 
  • Discomfort around the injection site 
  • Constant vaginal wetness 
  • Persistent sexual arousal 
  • Hypersexuality 
  • Altered vaginal sensations
  • Hematuria 
  • Inconsistent results

6 Things You Probably Don’t Know About The O-Shot

There is always a way to learn more about the O-shot by reading through online content and just about any article about the procedure, but plenty of men and women are still confused about this revolutionary vaginal treatment technology. 

Although the causes of a woman needing an O-shot vary, most cases entail the exact same problem: sexual dysfunction. This treatment is meant to help women with all sorts of issues like vaginal dryness and a lack of lubrication, and below are six things you, in theory, might not already know about how the O-shot helps others going through sexual stimulation issues.

1. The O-shot is a great urinary incontinence treatment

One common medical condition that the O-shot can treat is urinary incontinence. A lot of women with urinary incontinence will try all sorts of products and medicine, but later find that the O-shot is over 90 percent effective toward treating their symptoms. 

2. O-shots tighten up a woman’s vaginal areas 

A lot of women need vaginal rejuvenation shortly after having a baby, and this procedure does wonders in terms of helping vaginal areas feel much tighter. This subsequently helps make intercourse feel much more satisfying. 

3. The O-shot treats vaginal dryness 

Constant vaginal dryness is something that a lot of women experience, and if you have vaginal dryness, then the O-shot could be a good treatment option for you. Since the injection helps stimulate vaginal sensitivity and lubrication, it’s a wonderful option that makes intercourse more appealing. 

4. The o-shot® can alleviate sexual pain

Many tests and studies have been done to help women experiencing persistent sexual and uterus pain, and it’s been proven that sex pains can be really difficult to get rid of. The good news is that the O-shot can support women who experience persistent sexual pain, and it can even make sex a lot more pleasurable. 

5. The O-shot improves skin texture around the vulva, clitoris, and vaginal wall

Because the O-shot utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the procedure can help restore collagen production in the vaginal area. The PRP stimulates new cell growth, which improves vaginal skin texture by providing women with a more youthful, tight vulva, clitoris and vaginal wall. 

6. The O-shot can make sex feel a lot better 

Whether you’re not having as many orgasms or you’re finding it difficult to reach an orgasm within your current sex life, the O-shot can help. You’ll quickly see an increase in your arousal with your G-spot, O-spot and clitoris areas feeling much more sensitive and having more natural lubrication. This can then lead to more frequent and powerful orgasms during intercourse. 

Reach Out To Smith Plastic Surgery To Learn More About How The O-Shot Could Be Right For You!

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We’re more than confident that you’ll love your O-shot results and how it improves your sex life, so feel free to reach out to us online or give us a call at 702-838-2455 to schedule your initial O-shot consultation with Dr. Paul today!

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