Teardrop Breast Augmentation

Teardrop Breast Augmentation

Teardrop breast augmentation is a new and exciting way to achieve perfect breasts. We want to show you why this new method is superior to the old one and how you can benefit from it!

Are you ready to take your body to the next level? Look no further than the revolutionary teardrop breast augmentation procedure! In this blog, you can learn about this innovative procedure and why it’s gaining popularity among women who want a natural look.


What is Teardrop Breast Augmentation?

A unique method for correcting breast ptosis with augmentation, called “teardrop” augmentation mastopexy, prevents the undesirable development of the superior pole hollow and extra fine width. Both secondary breast operations and tubular breast deformities can benefit from this method.

Teardrop breast implants are a different type of breast implant than round breast implants. Because teardrop implants appear and feel more smooth, textured and natural than round implants, the standard among breast reduction plastic surgeons for several years, many women choose them.

Various names, including Mentor, Allergan, and Silimed, sell them. Despite the marketing hype, no one can recommend a standout brand over the others. Every plastic surgeon has a preferred brand that has served them (and its patients) well over time.

Doctors first created them for women who needed reconstructive breast surgery. The FDA recently approved their usage in America in 2012. Previously, they were only accessible in several European countries and specific medical research facilities.

Increasing numbers of women started choosing a much more natural appearance and feel over the classic high cleavage type of round implants, which have come to be associated with the term “breast implants” as time passed.

Types of shaped breast implants

Shaped breast implants, anatomical breast implants, or “Gummy Bear implants” are silicone implants with a teardrop shape that closely resemble the feel and shape of a woman’s natural breasts. Its popularity and FDA clearance in 2013 have elevated it to the gold standard for several breast augmentation doctors and patients.

Because of their unique form-fitting engineering, these implants give women a safer, more natural-looking implant while resisting gravity, aging, and anatomical faults. With this implant, rippling, creases, and folds are uncommon, making leakages and tears extremely unlikely. It dramatically reduces the likelihood of any medical issues after getting breast implants.

These implants offer the correct patient the most attractive and natural-looking breast form. Mentor, Allergan, and Sientra all provide several implant kinds and sizes. Each of these alternatives comes in a range of sizes and shapes. Dr. Smith could work carefully with you to choose the one that will seem the most natural to you and give you the exact appearance you want.

Are teardrop implants more natural looking?

If used correctly, these implants offer a much more natural appearance. Additionally, your body’s characteristics, including frame, breast tissue, weight, and sagging, have a role.

You should also be aware of minor variations depending on the material used to make them.

A round breast implant’s fluid gel or solution flows freely and adjusts its volume based on gravity and posture.

Therefore, when standing up, the fluid collects at the bottom, whereas when you are lying down, the fluid is distributed proportionally, much like a natural breast.

On the other hand, because the Teardrop Implants keep their shape, they appear natural while you are standing up. However, the shape doesn’t change when lying down, and you could slightly alter the curve. So, everything depends on your tastes.


Why are they referred to as teardrop implants?

Because of how much they resemble a human tear, teardrop implants are correctly named. This teardrop breast shape features a more natural-looking broad, circular base that softly rises upward. They are frequently called “Gummy drops” or “Form-stable” and are used to keep their shape. Another way to put it could be to compare it to a piece of memory foam. It spontaneously depresses as you apply pressure to it. The memory foam returns to its original shape after pressure is released.

Additionally, they come in a wide range of shapes. While most have a teardrop-shaped profile, some are “tall” and “broad” in profile. One size is not suitable for everyone, which is the cause of this. Because every woman’s body is different, the surgeon will suggest which implant profile will look best on you. In the end, the choice is entirely up to you.

Benefits Of Teardrop Breast Augmentation

Benefits of Teardrop Breast Augmentation

After a few years, more and more women began choosing the teardrop shape over the more traditional “rounded” form for their breast implants. Originally, teardrop breast implants were designed for women seeking reconstructive breast surgery. Ultimately, choosing teardrop-shaped implants over rounded ones will result in less attention (for both men and women).

Because teardrop-shaped implants help define the contour of the breast without producing the unnatural-looking round shape that is a telltale hallmark of most older implants, they are perfect for ladies who do not have much breast tissue.

They are also helpful if a person wishes to elevate the location of the nipple on a breast without getting breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, but has a lower-than-ideal nipple.

Teardrops can have a wide range of sizes and forms, and individuals can fill them with either silicone or saline. Each has advantages of its own:


  • A smaller incision is needed than one would need for a silicon implant of the same size.
  • Saline implants typically cost much less than silicone implants.
  • Saline implants are safe in the event of a break or rupture. The size and contour of the breast will immediately change, making it evident that there’s a problem (then you should contact a doctor right away).
  • Saline implants provide a flexible filler volume which the doctor may modify to get the desired aesthetics and shape/size results.


  • A very thick gel used to fill implants maintains a shape and has the texture of natural breast tissue.
  • Saline implants often wrinkle and ripple more than silicone ones do.
  • The breast will maintain its natural form; no silicone gel will leak into the body if silicone implants break.
  • These implants have a consistent fill volume for consistent results. You get what you see.

Aside from Saline and Silicone, there are also a few benefits for Teardrop Breast Augmentation.

Natural Breast Shape. Teardrop implants achieve the most realistic appearance, commonly called anatomical implants since they closely mimic a woman’s breast shape. As its name implies, teardrop-shaped implants produce a tapering upper pole with a moderate slope sloping to a lovely fullness on the bottom pole.

Teardrop implants need a high level of technical expertise; hence some cosmetic surgeons who advise against using them typically have little experience. Fortunately, Smith Plastic Surgery has a wealth of knowledge. Depending on your structure, it can provide round or teardrop implants.

Greater Side Boob and a Closer Cleavage. There is a side-boob trend that won’t go away anytime soon. Teardrop implants create a tighter, more natural-looking cleavage, which is positioned higher on the body and has a complete lower pole with a broader base diameter. It includes the adored “Side Boob.”

It can help to Remove Mild Breast Ptosis. Due to its projection of the implant, Teardrop implants occasionally can provide a very modest lift to a minor incidence of breast ptosis (or sagging breast tissue). As a result, Teardrop implants have helped patients avoid having to have a Breast Lift operation.

Lowers the possibility of capsular contracture. Surgeons use a stiffer silicone gel for filling teardrop implants than round implants, intended to reduce the chance of rupture while retaining a natural firmness for the patient. In contrast to round implants, the coating of such a teardrop implant has a firm and micro-textured surface that can help minimize the risk of capsular contracture and better preserve a long-term breast shape.

Less Stressful for the Implant. The Keller Funnel, designed to relieve stress on the breast implant, is used by surgeons to extend the implant’s lifespan and reduce the possibility of rupture. The surgeon can insert an implant with little to no force because of the Keller Funnel’s slick interior covering. A study has shown that using tools instead of pushing with your finger during breast augmentation surgery reduces the pressure exerted on an implant by 95%.

Due to the minimal force required for implant insertion, implant rupture risk is significantly reduced. It is essential because strain placed on an implant during insertion may lead to it rupturing, even years later.

Correct Tuberous Breasts. The development of the breasts is restricted at the bottom, resulting in tuberous/tubular breasts, which have a small opening between both the nipple and also the breast fold. The breasts are given a “cone-like” shape with teardrop implants, frequently used to reconstruct tuberous breasts.

Reconstructive surgery can benefit from it. It can be terrible for a woman’s identity to have a single or double surgery due to breast cancer. Even though breasts don’t make a woman, they still play a crucial role in how many women view themselves. Some women don’t feel right without breasts.

For some ladies, reconstructive surgery could change their lives. Reconstruction essentially entails starting from scratch when it comes to the breasts. Dr. Smith would thus choose the most realistic-looking option of implants available in this case. And for several women, this entails implants with a teardrop shape.

Naturally, women who undergo breast reconstruction surgery are not required to have implants with a teardrop shape. However, it is undoubtedly a popular decision. Teardrop implants may produce the most realistic results for most of these patients.


Risks of Teardrop Breast Augmentation

When considering any cosmetic surgery, it is crucial to be aware of the risks that might come with it. Teardrop breast augmentation is no different – although the procedure has become increasingly popular, there are still potential risks and complications that you should consider.

Symmetry is an essential aim of any breast augmentation procedure. Still, teardrop implants can make this more challenging to achieve due to their unique shape. Over time, implant shifting and asymmetry can occur in some patients, resulting in one breast appearing larger or fuller than the other.

Capsular contracture is a condition where excess scar tissue forms around the implant, squeezing it and potentially causing pain or distortion of the shape and size of your breasts. Their anatomical design makes it much more familiar with teardrop implants than round ones.

Rippling can also concern teardrop breast augmentation, as these implants require placement in a deeper pocket compared to traditional round implants. This extra space can cause the implant edges to be visible through the skin – something that you may have seen in pictures of celebrities who have had these procedures done!

As with all cosmetic procedures, it’s essential to research before deciding to have a teardrop breast augmentation. Discuss all potential risks and complications with your Las Vegas breast augmentation surgeon and make sure you are comfortable before proceeding.


Are Teardrop Implants Safe?

Like round implants, teardrop implants are FDA-approved.

The use of breast implants and cosmetic surgery has become safer than ever, thanks to technological improvements.

You’ll meet with Dr. Smith for a consultation. You’ll go through your lifestyle and health to evaluate if implants and surgery are risk-free.

Dr. Smith can advise you on lifestyle changes to increase the likelihood of successful treatment and quick recovery, including losing weight and quitting smoking.

Round or teardrop implants are a fantastic choice if you have no major health issues.

Dr. Smith will advise you if it is necessary to stop taking any medication before the surgery if you are currently taking any that could impact it.

Why are more and more women choosing this type of surgery?

More and more women are opting for this type of surgery each day. From breast enlargement to liposuction, it’s becoming increasingly popular amongst the female population. But why is this? What is it about this type of surgery that makes it so appealing?

Firstly, there is the convenience factor. Thanks to modern advancements in medical technology, many cosmetic procedures can now be performed by surgeons on an outpatient basis, which eliminates the need for an overnight hospital or clinic stay. That means less time off work and less disruption to your everyday life.

Secondly, many of these treatments are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of plastic surgery. In addition, most clinics offer payment plans or financing options, which make them even more accessible to women of all income levels.

Thirdly, the results achieved with these treatments can be dramatic and long-lasting. Whether looking for an instant confidence boost or a longer-term change, plenty of options can help you look and feel your best.

Finally, the recovery period after these treatments is usually much shorter than other forms of plastic surgery – meaning you can return to your routine quickly and easily.

Overall, it’s no surprise that more and more women choose this type of surgery to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. With its convenience, affordability, dramatic results, and short recovery time, it’s easy to see why.


What outcomes might I anticipate from my contoured breast implants?

Breast augmentation in Las Vegas has become adaptable, mainly by a renowned specialist in the practice area or field like Dr. Smith. Considering this, here are some outcomes that you can achieve when selecting from the top gummy bear breast implants offered by Smith Plastic Surgery:

  • Larger attractive breasts. You can anticipate having larger, more attractive breasts after your Las Vegas breast augmentation with Dr. Smith, a breast implant surgeon in Las Vegas, so they will improve your entire breast implant shape and significantly fit your form.
  • Symmetrical breasts. During surgery, if any of the breasts are bigger, smaller, or different in shape compared to the other, the asymmetry will be fixed, bringing harmony and balance back to your chest. These curved implants significantly outperform round implants in their ability to rectify asymmetry.
  • Breasts are larger and round. You can anticipate coming out of surgery having breasts that are bigger but also more attractive, complete, and perky.
  • Natural breasts. No matter what shape and size you choose, you can be sure that your final results will appear and feel exceptionally natural because of the natural look and feel of breast implant shapes and Dr. Smith’s expertise in his practice areas and field.
Best Candidates for Teardrop Implants

Who Are the Best Candidates for Teardrop Implants?

You will be a great candidate for having teardrop implants if you need reconstructive surgery. Patients needing reconstructive surgery are the only ones who could have teardrop implants at first.

You might be an excellent candidate with teardrop implants if you meet the following requirements:

  • A petite body shape.
  • In excellent health
  • Low-sitting nipples
  • significant sagging breast tissue
  • Little breast tissue
  • A narrow space separates the breast fold from the areola.
  • large breasts
  • You want a subtle outcome.


Since no breast tissue is typically left behind after surgery, teardrop implants are the most popular choice for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. A teardrop-shaped implant may be advantageous for breast augmentation patients who want above-muscle implant insertion and have little to no natural breast tissue.

You will most likely consult your doctor if your breast implants are bottoming out. Finally, patients’ unique needs and anticipated outcomes will determine which implant suits them. The best way to decide which implant type is appropriate is to discuss your goals and concerns with a breast augmentation surgeon in Vegas.

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