Dr. Lane Smith uses advanced computer imaging to work with Rhinoplasty and corrective nose reshaping patients, foreshadowing their post-surgery looks.

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Dr. Lane Smith performs more than the average nose job’ at Smith Plastic Surgery Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. The world-class surgeon and his team of medical professionals have turned to technology to enhance each patient’s experience.

“Rhinoplasty is an art,” says Dr. Smith. “Whether it is a slight change to one’s natural nose or a complex corrective surgery, we want to provide each patient with the same personalized consultations. Our computer imaging program helps those considering nose surgery understand what their face will look like after the procedure.”

Computer imaging is essential to a consultation leading to nose reshaping because it helps show the patient that Dr. Smith is on the same page regarding their desired results. When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is essential to select one that will guide you through the science of facial aesthetics but ultimately complete the procedure that reflects the patient’s desires – not their own creative ability.

Outside of reshaping one’s natural nose, Dr. Smith specializes in corrective nose and revision surgery. Individuals who have experienced facial trauma resulting in disfigurement can undergo in-depth facial procedures to regain their facial structure. Dr. Smith has also helped hundreds of patients whose nose has been damaged from previous surgery or trauma.

A Rhinoplasty consultation at The Smith Plastic Surgery Institute in Las Vegas costs only $50. During this time, patients get to sit one-on-one with a doctor, address their concerns and view computer imaging outcomes of the surgery.

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