We Offer Both Traditional & Ethnic Rhinoplasty At Smith Surgery!

Everyone’s nose is unique, but cosmetic surgery patients of all ethnicities share the same goals and desired results when it comes to rhinoplasty procedures. At Smith Surgery, we understand the difference in techniques between ethnic and traditional rhinoplasty surgery and recovery, and we’re here to boost the beauty and facial appearance of each and every patient—regardless of ethnicity.

We’re very proud to offer some of the very best plastic surgeons in the entire Las Vegas metro area, and we understand how each patient has specific characteristics and differences in their facial skin and nostrils. The first step of every rhinoplasty surgery procedure in Las Vegas is a consultation with Dr. Smith, and these appointments are when you’ll let us know your questions/needs, as well as what your main goal is in terms of the changes you’re looking to see with your appearance and facial structures. We’ll then let you know how our approach will help you obtain the result you’re looking for.

And because all of our facial features and noses are so unique, your surgeon will undoubtedly have to work around your anatomy concerns and septum structure to form the harmony that makes the rest of your face look amazing. Below we’ll be detailing everything you need to know about the differences between traditional and ethnic rhinoplasty!

What Exactly Does A Rhinoplasty Procedure Provide For Men & Women Of All Backgrounds?

First things first, and that’s that rhinoplasty in Las Vegas NV is a wildly popular cosmetic procedure that people of all heritage backgrounds are interested in. Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery that helps patients address both functional and cosmetic concerns related to their noses.

Rhinoplasties are also referred to as nose jobs and nose surgery, and cosmetic doctors all over the country help patients address their unique complexities—and subsequently make improvements. Sometimes these improvements are oriented around aesthetic complaints and a lack of symmetrical facial balance, and other times people are concerned about nasal issues like snoring and other functional concerns regarding their bridge or cartilage.

But no matter the size, shape, or bone structure of a patient’s nose, rhinoplasty treatment can support many different reasons for surgery. This includes:

  • The patient’s nose size
  • The patient’s nose shape
  • The width of the patient’s nose & profile appearance concerns
  • A patient’s nostril size
  • A bump located on the bridge of a patient’s nose
  • A deviated septum
  • Sleep apnea/snoring
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose

What’s always the case is that a rhinoplasty surgeon will work in the best interest of each patient, and this means paying extra attention to both aesthetic and functional concerns at the exact same time. After your plastic surgeon has been detailed about your concerns and the nature of your surgery’s purposes, you’ll then be informed about many factors that put you and your rhinoplasty procedure in the best place for success. You’ll also be recommended several types of rhinoplasty surgery, which include:

  • Closed rhinoplasty
  • Open rhinoplasty
  • Traditional rhinoplasty
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty
  • Asian rhinoplasty
  • Revision rhinoplasty
Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas

What Exactly Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is offered to men and women of specific cultural backgrounds and descent, and it does wonders in terms of enhancing the shape, size and various attributes of any ethnic nose. Ethnic rhinoplasty is typically intended for non-Caucasian patients, and the main differences between Caucasian and non-Caucasian noses are usually oriented around nasal structure.

There are many different types of ethnic rhinoplasty, including:

African American

There are some incredibly beautiful nasal variations among African Americans, and this typically refers to the base structures of African-American noses. African Americans in Las Vegas will often correct a wide tip or low bridge by undergoing ethnic rhinoplasty, and Dr. Smith can help patients address these concerns and bring more symmetry back to a patient’s facial appearance.


Hispanic rhinoplasties typically present unique challenges and patient opportunities as well. Hispanic noses aren’t only different from Caucasian noses, but there are also many regional and ethnic distinctions throughout the Hispanic community that require unique methods, incisions, and cosmetic treatment techniques.

The most common nasal complaints from Hispanic rhinoplasty patients include wide nostrils, a bulbous tip, or a hump on the bridge of the nose.


Many Asian patients will invest in ethnic rhinoplasty to help them enhance their nasal tip or bridge. Because Asian noses often have shorter nasal bones and are sometimes smaller, they can appear flat and broad.

This is why many Asian rhinoplasty treatments are intended to create a more defined nasal bridge. This often requires cartilage grafts from other parts of the patient’s body.

Middle Eastern

Many Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients express their concerns oriented around a hump on their bridge, or a droopy nose tip. To address these types of concerns, Dr. Smith will reshape or reduce the size of the patient’s nose, smooth out the unwanted hump, and create a more defined nasal tip.

And we’ll be sure to do all of this while helping patients maintain their cultural identity!

What Exactly Is Traditional Rhinoplasty?

Traditional rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery that helps a patient correct the overall appearance of their nose. Traditional rhinoplasty can correct a crooked nose, resize an oddly shaped nose, change the size of a nose’s tip, and ultimately bring harmony between the rest of the patient’s facial features.

Although traditional rhinoplasty techniques are conducted on patients of all descents and backgrounds, many Caucasian rhinoplasty patients don’t require quite the same techniques associated with ethnic rhinoplasty.

But regardless of ethnicity, traditional rhinoplasty techniques help patients obtain stunning results!

What Are The Differences Between Traditional & Ethnic Rhinoplasty? 

It’s important to remember that both traditional and ethnic rhinoplasty are simply rhinoplasty procedures. They’ll largely use the exact same methods and techniques to help patients obtain both functional and aesthetic nasal changes, but the main difference comes with the structural variations of non-Caucasian and Caucasian noses.

Ethnic rhinoplasty will always pay extra attention to unique facial features and nasal structures, and this is because every rhinoplasty patient wants their results to look natural—and not surgically corrected. In order to obtain these natural results, specialized techniques and mechanics may be required.

A lot of cosmetic surgery patients don’t realize it, but many patients with darker skin tones need to keep special considerations in mind while preparing for procedures like rhinoplasty. This is typically because symptoms like hyperpigmentation and scarring tend to occur more easily with non-Caucasian skin tones, which subsequently requires surgeons to be much more strategic with their incision placements.

Ethnic rhinoplasty patients also often have thicker skin as compared to Caucasian patients, which can conceal some of the more subtle results that would generally come after the rhinoplasty process. This is why it’s so important to work with a surgeon that understands the complexities of ethnic rhinoplasty, and will know how to honor a patient’s cultural background while simultaneously helping to achieve essential differences. So, it’s crucial to remember how ethnic rhinoplasty includes the added challenge of preserving a patient’s ethnic identity, which means there’s a fine line between correcting undesirable aesthetics and sustaining these cultural characteristics.

Although all rhinoplasties require a skilled cosmetic surgeon, ethnic rhinoplasties are generally more complicated and require an even higher level of industry skill. The good news is that Smith Surgery is not only one of the very best cosmetic surgery facilities in Las Vegas, but we’re also a top clinic throughout the entire country.

So, you can always count on our team to be there for you and your unique rhinoplasty needs, regardless of whether you need traditional or ethnic rhinoplasty procedural techniques!

Will I Look Different After Ethnic Rhinoplasty? 

Our noses play a huge role when it comes to our overall facial appearances, and ethnic rhinoplasty patients often obtain softer, more natural, and more aesthetically pleasing looks.

Dr. Smith fully understands just how important it is for every rhinoplasty patient to maintain their unique appearance, which is why he takes incredible care when it comes to sculpting a patient’s new nasal aesthetics.

By taking this surgical approach, ethnic rhinoplasty patients at Smith Plastic Surgery can be assured that their procedure will enhance their natural beauty and preserve their cultural facial features.

Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Las Vegas Nevada

Get The Nose You’ve Always Dreamed Of With Traditional Or Ethnic Rhinoplasty In Las Vegas, NV 

If you feel like your nose sticks out like a sore thumb as compared to the rest of your facial features, then rhinoplasty can help you obtain the harmony, balance, and confidence that you undoubtedly deserve.

Smith Plastic Surgery is one of the leading cosmetic surgery facilities in Las Vegas, and we support patients of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds with our state-of-the-art rhinoplasty technology and procedural techniques. We’re here for you when you’re interested in making certain changes to your facial appearance, and we’re also here for you when you’re concerned about how these cosmetic changes may impact your cultural uniqueness.

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