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Get opulent and individualized care at Pahrump’s premier plastic surgery facility, Smith Plastic Surgery. We have been providing outstanding service and outcomes for many years, which has helped us build a famous reputation in the business.

At Smith Plastic Surgery, our skilled team of experts is committed to enhancing your natural features and self-confidence by offering a range of high-end therapies tailored to your needs and preferences. To assist you in achieving your objectives, we provide energizing facial treatments, body sculpting methods, and other services.

Choose from our extensive choice of services, which includes:

Thigh Lifts


Buttock Implants

Tummy Tuck

Breast Lift

Mommy Makeover

Correction of Inverted Nipples

Arm Lift and Reduction Surgery

Eyelid Enhancement

Nose Reshaping

Male Breast Reduction

Ear Reshaping

Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Neograft Hair Transplantation


Chin Augmentation


Pectoral Implants


Brazilian Butt Lift/Fat Transfer

Breast Reduction

Brow Lift

Neck Lifts

Minor Nipple Lift

Vaginal Tightening


Body Lift and Post Gastric Bypass Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

The Hyperbaric Chamber

Chemical Peels

Corrective Breast Surgery

Natural Breast Augmentation

Laser Skin Resurfacing


Modern Techniques

At Smith Plastic Surgery, our commitment to excellence begins with our knowledgeable staff evaluating every crucial component of your procedure. We ensure that every aspect of your experience—from body analysis to vision comprehension—is perfect.

Beyond the surgery, we are committed to providing the best possible service. Customer service is crucial to our business, and we take pride in constantly going above and beyond to earn your satisfaction.

Turn to Smith Plastic Surgery to find the top plastic surgeon in Pahrump. We are the best choice for your needs since we consistently produce outstanding outcomes and offer unrivaled service.


Certified Specialists

Whether it’s for their face or their hair, our spa’s team of professionals is committed to assisting clients in getting the most excellent outcomes. We exclusively hire specialists who have completed the necessary certification and training to operate at our spa to guarantee the most incredible quality.

Even after receiving certification and training, we remain dedicated to quality. Our experts place a high value on offering outstanding customer service, giving you tranquility and a relaxing experience from beginning to end.

Our spa prioritizes your comfort starting from your very first session. You can rely on our team of professionals to deliver exceptional care and results.


State-of-the-art Equipment

The most recent technology is offered to patients at Smith Plastic Surgery for breast augmentation, facelifts, and male surgery. We outfit our office with the best technology to ensure timely and accurate service. To uphold our high standards, we are devoted to using current equipment that adheres to international standards.

Our dedication to safety is part of our vision at Smith Plastic Surgery. With our top-notch plastic surgery services, clients may be confident they are getting the safest and most efficient treatments. We consistently observe strict safety standards, starting with high-quality equipment. You can trust us to provide the most secure and efficient plastic surgery services.


Affordable Rates

We emphasize that cost is a crucial factor to consider when selecting plastic surgery providers. At Smith Plastic Surgery, finding the ideal balance between affordable prices and high-quality procedures is essential.

Using our plastic surgery services, we enjoy going above and beyond to provide the finest prices in Pahrump. When it comes to the tools and methods we use throughout procedures, we don’t skimp. We are the ideal fit for your demands because everything will be of the highest caliber.

Call Smith Plastic Surgery at 702-838-2455 immediately to make an appointment with the top plastic surgeon in Pahrump and discuss your choices. Our group of skilled, licensed, and knowledgeable plastic surgeons is enthusiastic about providing top-notch services to our patients.


For more information on how can help you with Top Notch Plastic Surgeon In Pahrump, please contact us at 702-838-2455, or visit us here:

Smith Plastic Surgery

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