A procedure to make the jawline look sharper and the chin more defined

Platysmaplasty Procedure Overview

platysmaplasty is a procedure that is used to make the angle of the neck look sharper and the jawline and chin more defined. Many times, when the neck and jawline are poorly defined it is not because of a small chin, but rather a thick, obtuse neck. Platysmaplasty is used for patients with a thick neck that is has an obtuse angle. What this means is that the neck is seems to go up towards the chin without any real definition. Platysmaplasty is a procedure that helps define the neck, jawline and chin without using a chin implant. Platysmaplasty is a procedure between submental (neck) liposuction and a full neck lift. It is a good procedure for people in their 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s who want a younger looking and more defined neck and jawline.   It is not a good procedure for people who have a lot of loose skin or who are older in their late 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. 

The Platysma

The platysma is a paired muscular structure that covers the anterior neck. There is one on each side of the neck and they are separated directly in the middle by a thin line of fascia. Under the platysma are located all the important structures of the neck including nerves, the trachea, and the carotid blood vessels. Sometime fat above the platysma makes the neck obtuse, and poorly defined. This is easily corrected by Dr. Smith with submental liposuction. It is a fairly easy and safe to liposuction above the platysma muscle because all the important structures of the neck lie below it. 

Sometimes there is a large amount of fat under the platysma. This fat cannot be reached with simple liposuction because a surgeon cannot simply puncture through the platysma and try to blindly liposuction out fat in an area where all the vital structures of the neck existWhen there is fat under the platysma that needs to be removed, Dr. Lane Smith can make a small one inch incision under the chin and dissect down to the platysma and make an incision in the fascia between the two platysma muscles and look directly under them. In this case, under direct vision, Dr. Smith can safely remove fat under the platysma. After the fat has been removed it is common for Dr. Smith also to place some sutures in the platysma muscles to tighten the muscles of the neck. This also helps to define the jawline and neck. The combination of these procedures; neck fat removal and platysma muscle tightening is called a platysmaplasty.

Recovery Process

platysmaplasty takes about one to one and a half hours to perform. The recovery is usually not very painful and is usually fairly quick. Patients can typically return to work about a week after surgery and look fairly good. It is not a particularly risky surgery. If this is the correct surgery for you, Dr. Smith and/or his staff will go over the risks of the surgery with you.