Chemical Peels

A Chemical peel can improve the clarity, tone, and texture of your skin, helping it exude what is sometimes called a “youthful” glow.*

Many women opt for over-the-counter products that say they will improve facial skin. While some of these products do provide some benefits, a chemical peel performed at Smith Plastic Surgery Institute or our Chic la Vie Med Spa can make your skin glow with improved texture and clarity.*

A Chemical Peel’s Benefits

A light peel can help improve your skin’s texture and fine wrinkles. A medium peel can help improve the look of age spots as well as fine wrinkles, while a deep peel can remove relatively deep wrinkles, dark age spots and generally provides the most improvement to your face.*

A peel also can help improve the look of crow’s feet around your eyes, which gives it an advantage over dermabrasion, which cannot be used near the eyes.*

How A Chemical Peel Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

Chemical PeelA chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical is applied to your face in a controlled manner. The chemical removes your skin’s top layers, causing them to slough off. It also removes some of the lower layers of your skin, which actually helps rejuvenate them and, because the top layers are gone, these rejuvenated layers help your face appear more youthful, with fewer wrinkles.*

As the skin layers die, your body replaces those upper layers with “new skin” while the inflammation of your deeper skin layers stimulates the formation of new elastin and collagen. Once your face heals from the peel, your skin’s texture is improved, is more elastic and has a “youthful glow” about it.*

Different Levels Of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are classified into three main categories according to the intensity of the peel.

  • The three different levels are:
  • Light peels
  • Medium peels
  • Deep peels

Light Peels

A light chemical peel is very mild and best for those who need minor improvements to their skin. Most light peels include glycolic, salicylic or lactic acid peels. The upside of these light peels is that they require very little downtime, so much so that they sometimes are called “lunchtime peels,” in that they can be performed by trained aestheticians and you can pretty much resume your daily tasks and activities immediately after the peel.*

You will almost immediately see improvement in your skin’s overall texture. For best results, you should have the light peel treatment four to eight times over a period of several weeks.*

All light chemical peels are applied in our Chic la Vie Med Spa.

Medium/Deep Peels

A medium or deep chemical peel usually involves placing trichloroacetic acid (TCA) on your face. This peel provides a much greater level of surface skin removal* and must be performed by a physician.

The rejuvenation results are much deeper than those of a light peel.* A medium or deep peel can correct acne scars, provide greater improvement of uneven skin pigmentation, improve the skin’s tone and texture, smooth fine lines, and more.* These peels reveal new skin layers by exfoliating the outer layers of dead skin, providing your skin with improved color, tone and texture.*

While a medium or deep chemical peel can give you incredible results, it’s important to remember that the initial healing period will be longer than a light peel – the initial healing period can take as long as six weeks. Also, a deep chemical peel does have a greater risk of hypopigmentation, particularly for those individuals with naturally darker skin.*

You may be placed under sedation or even general anesthesia for a medium or deep chemical peel.

Dr. Smith will discuss the different types of chemical peels with you at length and the two of you will decide which type is best for your particular situation.

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