The Shape Of Your Breast Implant

Although breast implants can come in several different sizes, in terms of shape, there really are just two choices: “round” and “teardrop” (which sometimes is called the “anatomical” or “form-shaped” implant).

The Round-Shaped Implant

Cosmetic surgeons tend to debate over which shape implant is best for a breast augmentation. A round implant gives the upper portion of your breast more fullness as well as a more defined cleavage. We find that most of our breast augmentation patients choose this shape implant. In fact, most women in the U.S. choose this shape.*

Round-shaped implants tend to stick farther out from your body – they project your breasts farther outward. Dr. Smith tends to place round-shaped implants under your pectoralis muscle. When a breast augmentation patient with round-shaped implants stands up, the breast implants tend to assume a more teardrop shape and can look very natural.*

The Teardrop-Shaped Implant

The teardrop breast implant (also sometimes referred to as the “contoured” implant, as well as “anatomical” or “form-shaped” implant) slopes a bit downward – as natural breasts do. From the side, they look something like teardrops, with the fullest part of the breast implant at the bottom of the breast and sloping upward so the narrowest part is at the top of the breast. The nipple may look as if it’s “facing up,” providing your breasts more of a “perky” look.*

Teardrop-shaped implants may look more natural, especially for a woman who were flat-chested before the procedure. This implant shape is very popular in Europe.

A Few Things To Consider With The Teardrop-Shaped Implant

Teardrop implants usually are firmer and can feel fake. They also have the potential to “rotate” within your breasts, which can cause an unnatural distortion to your breasts’ appearance.

Women who choose this shape implant also have reported that they don’t like the fact that the upper portion of their breast appears to be less “full.”*

What’s more, women with the teardrop shape more often ask that their implants be changed than do women who elect to have the round-shaped implant. You should also note that teardrop-shaped implants are more expensive than round implants.

Still, many women are very happy with their teardrop-shaped implant – as evidenced by the fact that European women prefer it. The fact that most U.S. breast augmentation patients prefer the round-shaped breast implants should in no way convince you that the round shape is the best implant for you.*

Each Woman’s Choice Regarding Implant Shape Is Hers Alone

Dr. Smith will talk with you at length about what he feels may be the best-shaped implant for you. He will take into consideration the current shape of your breasts, your body frame and the reasons behind your wish for breast augmentation. The ultimate decision as to whether to have a round or teardrop-shaped implant – as always – is yours.

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