The Position & Location Of Your Breast Implant

Information to Consider from Our Las Vegas Breast Augmentation Doctor

  • Two crucial decisions you and Dr. Smith will be making as you prepare for your breast implant are:
  • The position of your implant relative to your nipple (will the implant be above, at or slightly below your nipple), and
  • The location of your implant either “under” or “on top of” the muscle on your chest wall.

The Position Of Your Breast Implant

Once your breast implant has fully healed, the implant will be riding higher than, be at level with, or be slightly below your nipple. This is called the position of your breast implant.

[ap pic=”” align=”right” w=”318″]You and Dr. Smith will need to decide where you want the implant to ultimately ride before your breast implant procedure.

A “high” implant means that there’s more of the implant above the nipple than below it. This can look slightly “less real,” yet many of our patients undergoing breast augmentation in Las Vegas prefer the high implant. This often is because a woman’s breasts drop slowly as she ages and having the implant above the nipple helps the breast look higher – and therefore “younger” – longer.*

If you want your implant to ride at the medium position, the same amount of the implant will appear above and below your nipple, ensuring that your nipple is at or close to the center of your breast. We’ve found that this is the position most women choose for their breast implants.

The low position has 40 percent of the breast implant above the nipple and 60 percent of the breast implant below the nipple. This is the most natural looking position, but on most patients, the breasts still appear droopy or too low.

The Location Of Your Breast Implants – Above (Sub-glandular) Or Under (Sub-muscular) The Muscle

When placing your breast implants on the muscles of your chest wall, Dr. Smith can place them in one of two locations.

  • Here are simplified descriptions of two rather complex concepts:
  • Underneath the breast tissue and on top of your pectoral muscle.
    Placing your implant under your breast tissue but on top of your pectoral muscle is called “sub glandular” or “submammary placement.” The breast implant sits directly under your breast tissue and on top of your pectoralis muscle.
  • Underneath your breast tissue and your pectoral muscle.
    Placing the breast implant underneath both your breast tissue and your pectoralis muscle is called the “submuscular location.” In this location, the breast implant sits right on top of your chest wall underneath both your pectoralis muscle and breast tissue.

To put it simply, there are two choices regarding where to locate your implant: “under the muscle or on top of the muscle.” Dr. Smith will make a recommendation of the best location for you.

The Pros And Cons Of Each Location

The sub-glandular location may be better for some patients, particularly for those who have sagging or drooping breasts, as well as for those patients who have narrow or tube-shaped breasts (known as tuberous breast deformity). However, breast implants in this location tend to look fake and too round. For most breast augmentation patients, this location is not optimal.

The submuscular location means that more of your own body’s tissue will cover the implant, helping the implant feel more natural. There’s also less chance of the implant rippling or of a tissue capsule forming around the implant. However, your pectoralis muscle still may not cover the lower portion of the implant. the submuscular location tends to look more natural and is usually a better position for most breast augmentation patients.*

Consult Our Breast Implant Doctor in Las Vegas Today

Dr. Smith himself prefers to place the breast implant in the submuscular location and does so for about 95 percent of the breast augmentations he performs. However, other factors determine the location, as well as slight variations to each. Dr. Smith will discuss in depth the pros and cons of each with you and will take your particular needs, goals and physical attributes into consideration to help both of you decide which location will be the better option.

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