Cosmetic Breast Surgery in Las Vegas

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patient of Dr. SmithThe breasts have always been a signifier of beauty and femininity. Because they are one of the most visible and obvious physical characteristics that separate males from females, breasts frequently play a large role in a woman’s self-esteem. If a woman is unhappy with her breasts—whether due to size, shape, location, or a number of other factors—she may lack self-confidence or feel embarrassed by her appearance.

  • Dr. Smith and the rest of the Smith Plastic Surgery team can offer a number of different procedures to alter breasts, including:
  • Breast augmentations for when a patient is looking to get breasts of a larger size or different shape.*
  • Natural breast augmentations which uses the body’s existing fat to augment the size of the breasts, for a highly natural look.*
  • Breast lifts bring sagging breasts back to their former glory.*
  • Corrective breast surgeries can help fix uneven or tuberous breasts and fix issues from previous surgeries.*
  • Breast reductions help reduce painful back and neck issues, as well as other challenges of large breasts.*

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The Breasts that are Right for You

At Smith Plastic Surgery, we know that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Where some patients just want a slight adjustment, others may be looking for a bold change, some even asking for augmentation that looks intentionally fake. Fortunately, no matter what end result you are looking for, we have one of the best plastic surgeons in the country who can make that dream a reality.*

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