Hand Rejuvenation in Las Vegas

Hand Rejuvenation (Fat transfer to hands for a younger more attractive appearance)

Artists consider the hands one of the most difficult and important things to paint or sculpt.   This is because the hands have a complex shape and function and that by just viewing the hands, we can tell a lot about a person.   Studies have shown that just by looking at the hands most people can accurately guess a person’s age.

Why Consider Hand Rejuvenation From Smith Plastic Surgery

Often patients come to Smith Plastic Surgery<span data-contrast=”auto”> for hand rejuvenation because they don’t feel as old as they look, especially related to the appearance of their hands. There tends to be a real prejudice against age in America, where older people are simply presumed to be less competent than a younger person.   Unfortunately, after restoring these patients, they often neglect hand rejuvenation, such that even if the face, eyes, and neck look younger, the hands can give away a person’s age.

What Causes Aging In The Hands? 

Aging in the hands is similar to other parts of the body. Excessive exposure to the sun causes unsightly and unattractive age spots and wrinkled skin. In addition to the negative impact of sun damage, general aging causes loss of subcutaneous fat (the fat that lies directly under the dermis of the skin) over the entire body and this makes the skin thinner and the underlying structures more visible.

What Causes The Hands To Look And Appear Older? 

The most important aspect of the aging hand is in the loss of subcutaneous fat. As the hands age, the loss of subcutaneous fat causes the skin to become thinner and the underlying structures such as blood vessels, tendons and bone become more visible.  This makes the hands appear bony, tendinous and aged. Coupled with the loss of this subcutaneous fat with dark age spots from sun damage and older hands can certainly age a person who otherwise may look younger.

How Can Smith Plastic Surgery Help Improve Upon The Appearance Of Your Hands? 

One of the best ways to restore the youthful appearance of the hands is simply to transfer fat under the hand skin. By restoring the subcutaneous fat, the skin becomes thicker and the underlying structures such as the bones, tendons, and vessels become less visible.  Lasers can also be used to remove age spots on the skin, and sometimes we may remove some of the veins over the hands.  Take a look at our Before & After Images by clicking HERE.

Where Is The Fat Taken From Before It Is Transferred To My Hands? 

The fat used for hand rejuvenation can be harvested from almost anyplace in the body where there is fat.    Only a small amount of fat must be transferred to cover the dorsum of the hands, so the hand rejuvenation through fat transfer procedure can be performed in even very thin patients.    The entire procedure can be done in an hour and can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia in combination with other procedures.   The recovery is quite minor and the risks are relatively small.    

Look Younger With Hand Rejuvenation From Dr. Lane Smith And Smith Plastic Surgery 

When patients are seeking to look younger it is important not to forget the hands.  If a fat transfer for Hand Rejuvenation is the correct procedure for you Dr. Smith and/or his staff will go over the risks and basics of the procedure.  Holding 4 separate board-certifications in plastic surgery Dr. Lane Smith is the perfect choice for your hand rejuvenation procedure in Las Vegas.

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