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Ear Reshaping

The goal of an ear reshaping procedure, also called otoplasty, is to bring ears closer to the head. Patients who are self conscious about their ears often think they “stick out too much” or are disproportionately larger than their heads. It is rare that ears are actually too large. Instead, they can appear that way if they stick out more than the normal 1.8 centimeters. Plastic surgeons can fix this with relative ease by remodeling the cartilage and positioning the ears closer to the head.

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Ear Reshaping After 4
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Ear Reshaping After 5
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Ear Reshaping After 6

Other common reasons for an ear reshaping surgery is the ear is lacking an antihelical fold, the chonchal bowl is too large, or the ears are uneven. An antihelical fold is the natural crease that runs from the inside of the ear, out to the outer rim. Without this fold, ears will protrude. Surgeons can reposition cartilage to create the fold. The chonchal bowl is the cup part of the ear near the ear canal. In some cases, part of an otoplasty involves bringing the chonchal bowl closer to the head. If you feel like your ears are uneven - one ear is higher than the other - an experienced surgeon can pin back the protruding ear, giving it a more symmetrical look across your face.

No matter what your reason is for wanting an ear reshaping procedure, it is important to find a surgeon with many years of experience with this particular surgery. In 2013 alone, Dr. Smith performed 87% more otoplasties than the average doctor (based on industry standards). He prides himself on not only being a surgeon but also an artist. He takes time to understand your vision about how you desire to look and can help you visualize the results. Dr. Smith also stresses the importance of having realistic goals, helps you realize those goals, and takes the time to answer any questions you may have before and after your surgery. Read what past patients have said about Dr. Smith’s process on our testimonials page.

Unlike many plastic surgery procedures, an otoplasty can be performed at an early age. Ears are done developing by the age of 8. So, young children can safely have the surgery. At Smith Surgery, otoplasties are more commonly performed on adults. Bullying is the main reason parents choose to have the surgery done for their kids.

Another unique aspect of the ear reduction surgery is recovery time. Thankfully, recovery for ear reshaping is one of the least painful and least noticeable of plastic surgeries. Typically, ears are bruised and a little swollen for up to 14 days after the surgery. Unless someone is specifically examining your ear, they will not be likely to notice. For 3 days after the surgery, you will be asked to wear a strap around your ears to prevent the sutures from tearing accidentally during sleep or activities. After the 3 days, you will be able to return to work as normal.

In Las Vegas, one main reasons people choose to have otoplasty surgeries is because they were teased as a child because of their large ears. If large ears run in the family, some parents choose to have their children’s ears pinned back to avoid them going through the same teasing they did. Some women feel uncomfortable wearing their hair up. Wearing helmets or other headgear can be uncomfortable. If you have ever struggled with these issues, an ear reshaping surgery might be right for you.

Scheduling a consultation is the first step to know if any plastic surgery procedure is right for you. We have several blogs written about how to prepare for your first plastic surgery consultation. This one is our most popular. Please feel free to contact our team in Las Vegas at anytime - we are always happy to answer your questions.