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Rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery) is the medical term for surgery to improve the appearance of the nose. The lay public sometimes refers to this as a “Nose Job”. It is one of the most commonly performed procedures performed by Dr. Lane Smith and he performs among the most rhinoplasty surgery in the Western United States and probably the most in Las Vegas. Dr. Smith has won awards for his research and developments in rhinoplasty surgery and is considered an expert in this area.

Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping

Before and After Gallery


Studies have shown that the face is the most important factor in determining attractiveness. The nose is the center of the face and plays one of the biggest roles in determining the overall appearance of the face. A patient with a large or “ugly” nose may be perceived as being unattractive even though he or she may otherwise have a very attractive face. An unattractive nose can draw attention to itself, preventing someone else from seeing a person’s attractive eyes, lips or cheekbones. Often even if the nose is just brought to normal proportions so that it no longer draws attention, a person will look much more attractive. The benefits are even greater if the nose can be made to be better than average or exceptional. Often after a rhinoplasty (cosmetic nose surgery,) patients that were perceived as average suddenly become “beautiful” almost overnight. While we do not imply or in any way guarantee that this will happen to you, the results can sometimes be quite impressive. In other cases the results are more of a refinement and subtle. In all cases, Dr. Smith will tailor the rhinoplasty surgery to the patient’s wishes.


Dr. Smith always uses computer imaging during his rhinoplasty consultation. This is done by taking a picture of the patient and then morphing the picture to make it look it might after cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty).  The computer imaging is used to help get an accurate idea of how the patient wants his or her nose to look like after cosmetic nose surgery. It is a tool to help Dr. Smith and the patient understand the goals of rhinoplasty surgery (“nose job”), it is not a guarantee or warranty of any sort. A surgeon who truly skilled in this procedure should always be able to provide computer imaging.


Choosing a good plastic surgeon is always important, but it is probably most important when choosing a surgeon to perform rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Lane Smith is among the top cosmetic surgeons in the country. He is one of only about a dozen plastic surgeons in the entire country that has board certifications in Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery and Ear Nose and Throat. The area in common with all of these boards is rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Smith was trained by three different boards with their different views on rhinoplasty surgery. This gives him a unique perspective that other surgeons don’t have. Because of his additional training in this area, Dr. Smith is able to fix both the inside and outside of the nose. Because of his training in Ear, Nose, and Throat surgery, Dr. Smith can also improve the breathing function of the nose. This makes him one of the most well trained specialists in the entire country in cosmetic nasal surgery.


A “nose job,” or Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed with just local anesthesia, IV sedation or under general anesthesia depending on the patient’s choice. Almost all of the work is performed from the inside of the nose leaving no visible scars, or only a very small scar on the columella (the small area between the two nostril holes,) which will become essentially invisible once it has healed.  Cosmetic nasal surgery varies greatly depending on what the patient wants done. Usually in Caucasian and African American patients the goal is to make the nose smaller and more refined. Typically the nasal cartilage is trimmed and sutured together to narrow and refine the tip. Often the dorsum is rasped down to remove a nasal hump. Men usually prefer the nasal dorsum to be straight and women usually like a small scoop to the nose. Most of the time, the nasal bones are carefully cut with a small chisel from the inside of the nose and then pushed inward to narrow the nose (if the nose needs to be narrowed.) Asian or Philippino patients often want larger noses, so the rhinoplasty procedure in these patients is completely different from a Caucasian patient. In these patients, Dr. Smith will usually build up the nose with cartilage taken from the nasal septum. At the end of the rhinoplasty, a cast is placed on the nose. The cast will remain in place for 6 to 9 days. Because Dr. Smith is able to perform rhinoplasty surgery in a very precise manner he does not cause much bleeding or bruising and does not need to pack the nose. Most surgeons do pack the nose with gauze after cosmetic nasal surgery which leads to more pain and bruising. Because Dr. Smith does not pack the nose, there is much less pain after rhinoplasty surgery. Most patients have very minor pain after cosmetic nasal surgery performed by Dr. Smith, and most of his patients need very few pain pills. Patients can usually return to work after one week and look good.

Scheduling an Appointment for Rhinoplasty (Cosmetic Nose Surgery)

Plastic surgery is a big commitment. The surgeon you chose can make a huge difference in the outcome. Dr. Lane Smith, a board-certified surgeon, is considered an expert in rhinoplasty surgery and is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the western united states. His results speak for themselves. Patients come from Las Vegas and the world to have Dr. Smith perform plastic surgery on them. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 702-838-2455 or by email at info@smithsurgery.com.  When patients who live far from Las Vegas, online or phone consultations are possible.