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Pectoral implants, commonly called “Pec Implants,” are implants placed on the male chest to make the Pectoralis  (“Pec”) muscles look larger and more defined. Body builders often request them when they feel they are unable to obtain enough pectoralis muscle bulk. Men with thin builds will also request them to help them look more healthy and muscular.

pectoral implants

Before and After Gallery

Dr. Smith, a board-certified surgeon, is one of the relatively few number of surgeons in the Western United states who performs pectoral implant placement. Dr. Smith has been performing this operation for over 6 years now and is one of the more experienced surgeons with this procedure.

The actual implants are made of Silicone, similar to breast implants; however, the silicone pectoral implants are more firm than standard breast implants. The implants are a soft solid, so they cannot leak. Silicone is approved for implantation, but the use of pectoral implants is considered to be off-label use by the FDA.

The procedure takes approximately 1 hour to 1 ½ hours to perform. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. The incision is made in the armpit and is easily hidden by the armpit hair. Dr. Smith always places the pectoral implant under the patient’s pectoralis muscle. This helps to hide the implant and gives it a more natural feel and appearance. Patients can usually return to work in a few days as long as they do not do any heavy lifting at work. Patients may usually return to moderate exercise after about 3 to 4 weeks, except for chest and shoulder exercises. A patient should wait approximately 6 to 8 weeks prior to performing chest or shoulder exercises.

Many mistakes can be made with this operation, so it is important to go to a surgeon with experience such as Dr. Smith. Surgeons who are not experienced commonly place the implant in the wrong position and can make a male patient appear as if he has breasts rather than strong pectoralis muscles. Also, if not carefully performed, the implants will have a “fake” appearance which will backfire and make the patient look worse rather than better.

Pectoral Implant surgery is generally a safe surgery. However, with every single surgery there are risks and patients must be willing to accept the possible risks prior to having surgery. The risks of pectoral implant surgery are similar to those of breast augmentation surgery and include pain, bruising, swelling, numbness,  implant malposition, implant palpability,  infection, need for more procedures, bleeding, damage to surrounding structures and poor cosmetic result.  The vast majority of patients are happy with their surgery.

Pectoral implant surgery is in increasingly popular surgery. Pectoral lmplants can help patients achieve a muscular look that they may not be able to achieve with exercise. It important to chose a surgeon who has experience in this area. Dr. Smith has the experience, surgical skills and artistic ability to help patients achieve a natural, healthy muscular appearance after pectoral implantation