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Dr. Smith is fond of saying, “you only have one body make it the best it can be.” Diet and exercise are a good part of healthy living. However, frequently there are genetic problems that cannot be overcome with diet and exercise. Even a very healthy person may have stubborn fat deposits such as under the chin or “love handles” or “saddlebags” that won’t go away no matter how much exercise and dieting is done. Sometimes, patients will simply have a flat or saggy bottom. Flat buttocks are common in Asians, and Hispanic populations. Other times, there is real damage to the figure done by things such as pregnancy or massive weight loss. These problems will not be correct by diet and exercise alone.


Before and After Gallery

Fortunately  one of the top plastic surgeons in the western United States lives right here in Las Vegas. For stubborn fat deposits the Smith Plastic Surgery Institute offers everything from non-surgical treatments such as Venus Freeze and Cool Sculpting to advanced surgical procedures such as Laser Liposcution (Smart Lipo). For mothers who have suffered changes to their bodies after pregnancy, Dr. Smith, a board-certified surgeon, can perform a “mommy makeover” complete with a Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), Breast surgery (breast augmentation), liposuction and even Labiaplasty surgery. For flat or saggy bottoms Dr. Smith is an expert in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery (Fat transfer to the butt) and Buttock Implants (Buttock augmentation).

To find out more about each procedure you are interested in and simply click on that procedure. A detailed description of the procedure, recovery, indications and benefits will found. To view before and after pictures of each procedure simply click on the “View Gallery” tab on the procedure page you have chosen.